Office Design Ideas 2022

Every year, new research on the urban landscape emerges. Offering significant insight into how workplace design trends affect employee well-being, productivity, retaining employees, and much more. We’ve reconvened, recalibrated, and revisited 2022’s top workplace design trends. Factoring in the influence of COVID-19, after the events of the previous year threw most expectations into disarray. Companies are embracing more sustainable work practices throughout the world. Technology innovation is pushing change, and a human-centric focus on employee well-being is influencing both how we live and work.


Office Design Trends of 2022

2022 will be more mobile, flexible, and communal than ever before. As technology becomes an even bigger part of our daily lives, employees expect convenience. That includes everything from communication via instant messaging to the ability to control aspects of the office environment with apps on their personal devices. D&G Office Interiors in Cardiff provide the latest office furniture and design for office fit-outs that match up with our predictions for the workplace environment this new year. This article lists the top 5 Office Design Trends for 2022:

Office Technology & Innovation – Smart Office Technology

Office Technology and Innovation Office technology will continue to evolve, developing beyond simple task automation. 2022 sees the introduction of the Internet Of Things (IoT). Technology with a focus on creating a ‘Smart Office’ that optimises office design for both employees and employers. Office desks and workstations will be equipped with innovative tools such as virtual reality devices and gesture controls. Employees can complete most tasks using voice commands or touchscreen gestures rather than the traditional keyboard and mouse combination. Employers are now able to achieve greater efficiency by leveraging advanced IoT smart office infrastructure.

Office Design – Focus on Wellbeing

Office Design continues to focus on wellbeing, agility and technology integration. In 2022 we predict an emphasis on the importance of human-centric space that encourages collaboration, creativity, productivity and social interaction. Office areas are now designed for different moods or feelings, with separate ‘focus rooms’. Where employees can learn new skills in a distraction-free environment. The use of sliding walls means the room can be changed quickly depending on what is required at any given moment. Office furniture has been developed to reflect this change in priorities. But office desks will continue to be popular throughout 2022 as they provide many benefits including storage solutions and workstation flexibility.

Wellbeing & Human-centric Office Spaces

The Office Design Trends of 2022 will continue to focus on employees’ well-being and health. Many companies introducing active-working spaces where workers can stand or walk during the day. Ergonomically designed chairs for office desks are giving way to treadmill desks while adjustable standing desks are becoming increasingly popular in communal areas. Increased activity has led employers to introduce a variety of wellness initiatives including meditation rooms where employees can relax during breaks. Well-being will be further improved by the introduction of technology that continuously monitors employee health via wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness design trends

Office Space & Layout – More Communal Spaces

Office space layout is starting to reflect an increase in mobile workforces. The come and go of lockdowns since we were introduced to COVID-19 new trends include co-working spaces. This change in priorities has led to the popularity of ‘hot desk’ layouts. Where staff are assigned desks on a short term basis depending on what projects they are working on. Communal meeting areas have increased in popularity. As workers become increasingly mobile, break out rooms have become more popular for private meetings. Office Furniture in 2022 will continue to focus on communal office areas with greater emphasis laid on creating social hubs which encourage collaboration and creativity.

Flexible Office Spaces & Connectivity

It is increasingly common for businesses to embrace the benefits of flexible working. Meaning many companies need to reevaluate their office design. Some offices will feature more private areas, with ‘focus rooms’ designed to encourage concentration and creativity. However, some companies still operate traditional open-plan offices which require workers to interact together throughout the day including during meetings and training courses. Employers are constantly evaluating their work practices to achieve a happy medium between these two opposing styles.

Office Design through Digital Landscapes (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality)

In 2022, technological developments have created a shift in priority for office design. With the introduction of ‘digital landscapes’ which offer a more flexible and cost-effective solution compared to physical walls. Office space is becoming more fluid as rooms can change size and shape depending on what work needs doing at any given moment. Artificial Intelligence has already begun to transform the daylight hours where employees need to be present but what will happen when we reach deeper into the day? Office Designers are now focussing more on designing offices that allow us to work longer hours or even 24/7 by introducing virtual landscapes.

Emerging Office Design Trends for 2022 will include the increased use of virtual and augmented reality to create digital landscapes. Workers will be able to experience the office space before relocating, sitting in meetings conducted remotely from their workspace.