Enhance the Efficiency of Your Drainage System

Most homeowners ignore pipes in their maintenance routine. They only check them when the drains are clogged and overflowing, or foul-smelling gases from the sewerage system are making their way to the house. However, regular draining cleaning, rather than waiting for the drain to get clogged, can offer several benefits as explained below.

Prevents Leaks in the Drainage

Over time, the chemical deposits on the inside of the piping start to eat ay the surface of the pipe and cause corrosion. Corroded pipes develop holes on various locations along their entire length. By having the pipes cleaned regularly, you stop the build-up of these chemicals, which, in turn, prevents corrosion. This way, you extend the life of your pipe and avoid the expensive undertaking of replacing the damaged ones.

Enhances the Efficiency of Your Drainage System

The drainage is made in such a way that water should flow from your sink down the drainage very fast. Unfortunately, when the drainage is not cleaned regularly, fat and other solid particles start to clog. Over time, you will notice that water empties from your sink rather slowly. It will reach a time when the system will be fully clogged such that there will be a back flow or overflow in the system. However, when you keep your drainage clean, you ensure a smooth flow of water down the pipe at all times. In toilets and bathrooms, this is especially important as back flow can cause serious contamination of your home.

Keep away Foul Odours

Most people only look at the toilet when foul smells are coming to their homes. However, the same can be caused by a build-up of bacteria and mould in the drainage system. The foul smells move back through the systems and come out through the toilet and sinks.

On the other hand, mould loves to grow in dark, damp areas of the house. Pipes have this kind of environment, which makes them a favourite spot for mould to grow. A regular flow of water cannot get rid of the spores. You need to give your drain some thorough cleaning from time to time so that you can clear the spores and get rid of bacteria that may build up in the drainage system. There are chemicals to deal with both of these contaminants, also services such as CCTV drain survey, carried out by Drain Doctor Cardiff, which is designed to locate the source of any blockages and identify any issues in need of repair.

Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

As discussed, chemical build up in drainage pipes often leads to corrosion, which in turn, causes leaks along the drainage. Leaks can have a catastrophic effect on your home by damaging walls and floors. They also encourage the growth of mould at home.

On the other hand, clogging is a major cause of back flows, especially in the toilet. Water then flows out to other rooms and damages furniture, floors and carpets. To make matters worse, a back flow of wastewater fills your home with bacteria and other microbes that contaminate your home, making it necessary to get professional cleaning, which is costly. You may also be forced to replace your furniture, floors and carpets. By cleaning drains regularly, you prevent such expensive disasters at your home.

Helps Detect Roots before they Damage Your Drainage

Roots are some of the major cause of clogging and damage to drainage pipes. Tree roots grow with time and block entire pipes. You can prevent the growth of roots into your sewer system by cleaning it regularly with approved chemicals. Otherwise, when tree roots have covered the pipe, you will be forced to replace the section that has been damaged.

Prevent Damage to Your Appliances

A back flow to the dishwasher or a washing machine may have serious damage to the appliance. Again, when pipes cannot drain the water well, the appliances do not function effectively. Keeping your drains clean by maintaining them regularly prevents back flow and ensures that your appliances run optimally, which saves on water and electricity consumption.

It is Cost Effective

Regular cleaning of drains is a more cost-effective solution compared to repairs after the damage has been done. In addition, it saves you from the inconvenience that is caused by damage in the first place. When you schedule regular cleaning, you will never be met by an unpleasant surprise or have the need to call a plumber in the dead of night to help with an emergency backflow. The cost of cleaning is just a fraction of what it would cost you do a simple repair.

It is advisable that you hire professional plumbers to do the drain cleaning. They have the expertise, tools and know the best solutions to a clean drainage system. Plumbers can also detect problems long before they cause havoc to your home and advise on ways to prevent them from occurring. Most experts recommend annual or bi-annual drainage cleaning or more regularly as needed.