2023 Bath Tile Trends – Creating An Aesthetic Bathroom

As we step into the new year of 2023, an all-new array of bath tiles will definitely lighten up and bring better aesthetic elements into your bathroom, creating an all-new look and making your bathroom step ahead of your family and peers!

In many cases, beautiful bath tiles do not mean that they will definitely suit your bathroom. This is why we strongly advocate finding experts such as Tile and Bath Company to provide suggestions and insights on bath tiles that suit best.

Of course, there are tons of bath tile design inspirations out there on the internet, but we are going to choose a few that caught our attention. 

Trend 1: Custom Paint Tiles

Custom paint tiles are also known as hand-painted tiles. These tiles are hand-painted by unique artists that reflect their own artistry, giving that touch of the artisan in your bathroom. Different artists have different styles, some are bold while some are minimalistic. Know what you want beforehand to create the effect you want in your bathroom. 

Custom-painted tiles can be included in your bathroom as a feature wall, with an artisan-inspired focal point that elevates the atmosphere.

Another benefit of using custom paint tiles is in the name – customizability. Although you won’t have full control over the art, you are able to choose materials that are more ecologically sustainable of any kind. 


Trend 2: Dark-Themed Marble Tiles

The dark theme has become one of the rising bath tile trends in 2023, elevating the bathroom visuals with a wow factor. Black tiles have always been a sign of luxury and a hint of mystery, which will usually be seen in 5-star hotels. In 2023, it’s time to bring the 5-star hotel back home!

Marble has been one of the most consistent materials that is always in trend. With the smooth finishes and it’s unique natural patterns and designs, it has proved why it’s still the king in the industry. 

Combining marbles and the dark theme, here you have a luxurious bathroom that shouts luxury. This combination will be one of the long-living trends in bath tile trends of the coming years.


Trend 3: Neutral Colours 

Did you know: Neutral colours emit a sense of calm and serenity? This is one of the reasons neutral colours became popular, which contrasts the bright, bold colours and design trends. 

Neutral colours are essentially colours that are able to blend with pretty much any colour. Examples of neutral colours are beige, white, grey, light brown and many more. 

The common misconception of neutral colours is that they are boring, but they can be very beautiful with the right combination, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Neutral colours that feature warm colours are starting to make their way into luxury hotels and spas, with materials such as marble.


Trend 4: Printed Pattern Tiles

Inspired by bathroom wallpapers, bathroom tiles are starting to get their own artwork printed on, creating a feature wall for your bathroom. These printed tiles create a sense of pattern in your bathroom space, making your bathroom more beautiful than ever. 

Printed patterns, especially floral prints are making their way into the 2023 trend. Prints on bath tiles have a more polished look as compared to normal bathroom wallpapers, giving it a fun and lively personality in your bathroom.

Pattern tiles can be a little costly, but you are able to make some small changes such as creating a mini feature wall. This can not just save your cost, but also bring elevated aesthetics into your bath areas.



There are much more types of bath tile trends out there on the internet, do extensive research to know which type of design catches your attention. Looking for a good bath tile expert is also a recommended way to know what type of design is applicable and practical for your bathroom.