Do Bathrooms Have Skirting Boards?

Are you rebuilding or renovating your bathroom? Well, Besides decorating, using skirting boards is a great way to protect your bathroom’s flooring and walls. They are an extra layer of protection to the unavoidable gaps between your walls and floors. Even more, they give your bathroom a neater and more polished look. But do your bathrooms need the skirting boards? In this article, we will explore the benefits of using skirting boards, as well as how you can choose the best ones for the bathroom area. Visiting a reputable store such as Principality Plastics allows you to choose from a wide range of skirting boards. The professionals working in the facility will help you select the best one.


The Benefits of Using Skirting Boards in Your Bathroom

plastic skirtingThey Conceal Well

Besides the ugly look, the wiring or pipes could be potentially dangerous when left exposed. It is even worse when you have pets and children in the home. To hide these areas, you can use skirting boards; it is a more practical and economical choice than using concrete or tiles. Besides concealment, the boards also protect them from moisture and water in the bathroom.

Used to Cover Gaps

There is nothing as disappointing as having to deal with spaces between your walls and floors. While the floors may have been well aligned, there are just gaps and spaces that are unavoidable when installing your floor. You can use skirting boards to cover these gaps and spaces. This, in turn, restores your bathroom’s beauty.

Help Protect Your Walls and Floors

Do you have other fittings in your bathrooms? Bathrooms often have fixtures for storage or aesthetics. Having the skirting boards will protect against damage to your cabinets and fixtures. These fixtures could ruin the bathroom’s plastering, painting, or wallpapers. Other damages could come from vacuuming, mopping, or cleaning the bathroom. With the skirting boards in place, you avoid all these issues.

Improve the Beauty in Your Bathroom

Who doesn’t like a beautiful bathroom? Having the skirting boards brings life to your bathroom. Besides the professional finish, you can also select decorative and functional skirting boards to personalise your home.

Require Minimal Maintenance

These skirting boards come in different types and materials. You can choose plastic, wooden, or ceramic skirting boards. They are easy to clean and need no maintenance besides regular cleaning. Even better, they are moisture-resistant and will withstand humidity for prolonged periods.

They are Flexible

Due to their smooth finish, these boards are usually more flexible to repaint and restructure than other skirting options. When repainted, they can quickly blend in and match with the bathroom’s design and theme.

Very Cost-Effective

When compared to other skirting options, the skirting boards are more practical and more cost-effective. The initial acquisition cost is far much affordable, and they require zero maintenance. They are a great option.


How to Choose the Best Skirting Boards

bathroom skirting boardsFor you to enjoy all these benefits, you must choose the skirting boards correctly. This is because there are many options in the market, and not all of them will be suitable for your bathroom. Here is a quick checklist to help you find the best skirting boards.

The scale and proportion – Check the size of the bathroom and proportionately align them with the length of skirting boards to choose from. If you have a hard time choosing based on the scale and proportion, you should talk with the providers.
The design – What design or style do you want your skirting boards to take? If you are purchasing them for decoration and aesthetics, you should find designs that blend well with your existing style. Do not underestimate the effects or influence that the skirts can have on your bathroom.
The material – These skirting boards come in different types and materials. Some are in MDF, plastic, or even wood. You need to pick those that cannot warp, chip or crack. Looking at the materials, you will find that the higher-quality materials will look better, last longer, and serve you even better.
The colour – What is your favourite colour? While your favourite colour is black, you may have a pink-themed bathroom. You can also select based on your preferences and tastes. Ensure that the colours you choose are in sync with the existing style.

Your bathrooms should have skirting boards. Besides protecting the spaces between the walls and floors, and hiding wiring, they are also indispensable in enhancing the aesthetics of your bathrooms. The latter comes in when you choose the right skirting boards. While it may seem like a daunting task, it is very easy to have an informed checklist on what to look out for. Once you have purchased them, you should have them installed by experienced and knowledgeable contractors.