Skiing on a Budget: Tips and Tricks

A ski trip is an exciting, but expensive endeavour. With some clever strategies, however, you can have a great skiing vacation without going broke. From shopping at reputable ski shops, such as Naski Sports, that offer the highest quality equipment at competitive prices so you can get the most for your money. Or shopping around for cheap accommodation near the ski resort. There are many ways in which you can go skiing on a budget.

This guide will share some tips and tricks on how to ski affordably. From finding discounts to selecting budget-friendly locations.


Find Discounts on Ski Gear and Lift Passes

Finding discounts on lift passes and essential equipment is one of the best ways to save on a skiing trip. Here are a few strategies to think about:

  1. Sales: Buy your ski equipment during the off-season, usually in spring or summer. Many retailers offer substantial discounts to get rid of old stock.
  2. Secondhand Equipment: Buy used skis, poles and boots. Many websites like eBay and Vinted have used equipment that is of high quality, at a fraction of the price of new gear.
  3. Online Discounts: Browse for discount codes and online promotions. Sites like Groupon or Wowcher offer discounts on lift passes and ski packages occasionally. 
  4. Season Passes: If you intend to ski more than once in a given season, a pass is a better investment. 


Cheap Accommodation

Accommodation is often the biggest expense of a skiing trip. Here are some tips on how to find budget-friendly accommodations:

  1. Hostels & Budget Hotels: Many ski resorts have hostels & budget hotels. These accommodations are often basic and offer a good way to meet fellow skiers.
  2. Vacation rentals: Platforms such as Airbnb provide vacation rentals which can be cheaper than hotels, particularly for large groups. You can save money when you rent a house or an apartment.
  3. Stay off-Resort: Staying in a town or village nearby instead of the resort can save you money. These areas often offer shuttles to the slopes that are free or very low cost.
  4. Camp: For the more adventurous, there are designated camping areas at some ski resorts where you can park your campervan or pitch a tent. However, be prepared for cold weather.


Budget-Friendly Ski Destinations

The cost of your trip can be greatly affected by the destination you choose. Consider these budget-friendly destinations:

  1. Bansko, Bulgaria: Bansko is known for its great skiing and charming old town. The prices of lift passes, accommodation, and food in Bansko are very reasonable compared to those in other European resorts.
  2. Andorra: Located in the Pyrenees Mountains, Andorra offers excellent skiing for a fraction of what it costs to ski in the Alps. Budget-conscious skiers love resorts like Grandvalira or Vallnord.
  3. Cerro Catedral, Argentina: Cerro Catedral is a great option for those who want to ski in the southern hemisphere. Argentina’s relatively low cost of living makes it a great destination for skiing.
  4. Fernie, Canada: Although Canada is home to some of the most expensive ski resorts in the world, Fernie is a great choice for those looking for a more affordable option with excellent skiing conditions. It is less crowded, and the value for money is excellent.


Save on Food and Drinks

There are many ways to cut costs on food and drink when dining out in ski resorts.

  1. Self-Catering: Choose accommodation that has a kitchen and prepare your own food. In nearby towns, you can buy groceries at lower prices than in the resort.
  2. Packed lunches: Pack your own snacks and lunch instead of paying high prices at expensive mountain restaurants. Many resorts offer picnic areas for you to enjoy your food and take a rest.
  3. Happy Hours: Take advantage of local happy hour deals in bars and restaurants. These usually offer discounts on drinks and entrees. 
  4. Local markets: Visit local markets to find fresh produce and regional speciality foods. This is not only cheaper but also gives you the chance to learn about local culture.


Transportation Tips

It can be expensive to get from and to your ski resort. Here are some ways to save money on transportation.

  1. Carpooling: Split the cost of parking and petrol with your friends by using carpooling services.
  2. Public Transport: Many ski resorts can be reached by public transportation. The cost of renting a vehicle can be cheaper if you use trains and buses. They also offer scenic routes.
  3. Book Early: Booking your tickets in advance, whether you are flying or taking the train, can help you get a lower price.
  4. Travel passes: Search for regional travel cards that provide unlimited public transportation. They can be an affordable way to discover the area surrounding your ski resort.



With a little planning and smart decision-making, skiing on a tight budget is possible. You can have a memorable ski trip on a budget by finding deals on equipment and lift passes, selecting affordable accommodations, and choosing budget-friendly destinations. Saving on transportation, food and drinks can also help you keep costs low. These tips and tricks will help you enjoy the slopes on a budget.