How to build a list of fun facts about yourself

Fun Facts About Yourself

Have you ever been asked for a list of fun facts about yourself? Perhaps you are completing an application form for a new job or even at an interview. Did your brain freeze or your chin drop? This question is virtually impossible to answer immediately. If the question comes up with friends it’s OK to answer with a silly answer but if it’s a job interview it might make the difference in securing an offer or not. The problem is caused by the word “fun” in the question. To provide a list of facts is no problem. Therefore, the key is preparation; let us look at some areas where we can investigate to build a list.


This does not need to be the love of your life but something that you love

doing. It might be skydiving, swimming, or painting. The top item of your list

should be something that you love to do.


An embarrassing moment

We have all experienced that moment when we have done or said something that

was embarrassing at the time but afterwards is perhaps hilarious.



Fear of certain things or items is quite normal and most people have them. Many

people are afraid of the dark or maybe spiders. Some people have fears that are

more unusual, they are afraid of a particular colour or maybe cheese.



Many people encounter adversities in their life; it is how we deal with them

that make us who we are. Adversities build character and it can lead to

particular traits in our character that can lead to a fun fact about ourselves.

Sometimes we might feel embarrassed talking about our adversities but most

people are fascinated by the life stories of others.



Most of us draw inspiration from something. It might be a person who we saw

speaking about a particular subject. Many people are inspired by things they

have seen or witnessed and are inspired to take a particular course of action.



People we meet through our lives and people we see in the media can at times

make us wish to be more like them. We can identify with particular traits and

actions that some people display and by identifying with them want to do

something similar.


Dream Job

Many people work in positions, which they do not have a particular interest it

is purely a method of earning money to live. If someone is asked what their

dream job would be most would have an answer, and some ideal jobs might not be

the one you would expect.


Hidden Talents

Many people have unexpected hidden talents that are unusual. Perhaps you are

able to juggle, eat fire, or walk on a tightrope. These would certainly be fun



Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has his or her own individual guilty pleasures that we are not always

readily prepared to admit to. It is a guilty pleasure after all. That does not

necessarily mean there is anything wrong with them. We might not like to admit

that our guilty pleasure is to eat ice cream in the bath, but we are not going to

be arrested for doing it.


A bucket list

Many people, especially in later life, start to compile a bucket list. A list

of things that they would like to achieve before it is no longer possible. Some

people may have bucket lists that contain desires to do things that would not

necessarily raise any eyebrows. Travel is a very common item on the list. You

might want to go to Mexico or go to a rock concert. There are however many

people with lists that are quite unexpected even outrageous.
You may want to jump out of a plane or sail the world, whatever it is you can add it to

your list.



It is possible that you have accomplished something in your life that is

completely unexpected and extraordinary. Most of the things that people do or

achieve in life are not obvious to someone if they meet us for the first time.

We should not be afraid to tell others about our accomplishments.

Things that happen to us

Many things happen to us during our life. It might be that you have a scar from

when something happened to you. It might be that you are a lottery winner.



We are unique, just that little different. The differences make us who we are.

Mostly we should celebrate those differences especially if our differences are

unique or unexpected.


Can we now build the list?

This list of ideas to investigate is by no means definitive. In an attempt to

build a list of fun facts about ourselves, we could consider many other areas.

There may be items on this list that will not help you. If there are only one

or two items, you can answer the question without your brain going into

meltdown. You will then have built a list of fun facts about yourself.