How to Play Cards Against Humanity

How do you play cards against humanity
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What is Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity is a simple and funny party game for adults where you fill in blank statements using phrases or words that are politically incorrect or offensive on playing cards. It retails at a reasonable price and the cards are amazingly high, long-lasting quality. This game is for people who have a dark sense of humor. It is a very despicable and awkward game for people who are very easily offended.! This game is not suitable for children. Cards Against Humanity was invented by a group of 8Highland Park Highschool pupils. The game was originally named ‘Cardenfreud’ and later changed to Cards Against Humanity. After the game was released in May 2011, it became the number one, most popular game on Amazon. Since it’s major release, the game has done typically well and has seen a high rise of sales throughout the years of becoming more popular. In October 2011, the game was revealed as part of the ‘big games’ annual games festival in Californias Culver City. The big release of a first extension was announced. It was then released in November 2011. It sold out in a short space of three days. The first extension to the game contained 100 new cards and 12 blank cards

How to Play Cards Against Humanity

This is a very simple game to play.

To begin, each player draws ten white cards, you cannot look at other players cards. Place the rest of the white ‘answer’ cards and the black ‘question’ cards into stacks, faced down.

To play, you need a maximum of 4 players. As soon as you have your 4 players, anyone else can join in. It is funnier with more people involved! The rule is, the person who last ‘pooped’ is the person who will play first. Start the first round by turning over the very top card in the black ‘question’ stack of cards. Read the card out loud and leave it face-up on the table. The person who placed the black card then waits for everyone to choose a white card from the pile in their hand.

The aim of this game is to choose the funniest card to answer the question or statement. Once everyone has then chosen their cards, shuffle them up so nobody knows who placed what card and choose the most hilarious answer.

The winner of that round then keeps that black question card. The person with the most black cards at the end of the game, wins! To begin the next round, each player will draw back up to ten white cards. The person sitting next to the person who originally placed the black card left becomes the Czar for the next round. Pick a new black question card and begin.

When Does the Game end

This card game is non-competitive and has no end! You play until you are bored with it. If you want to have a defined end, play until only one player has 10 black question cards. Players will stop drawing new cards when they announce the end of the game but they will continue to play until they run out of cards. This leads to more offensive and nonsense answers.

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