What is the Difference Between a Jackleg Cabin and a Modular Building?

People are becoming more aware of the distinctive advantages of using offsite construction techniques, and more businesses are now turning to these alternatives for permanent solutions. In other cases, you may be seeking for temporary structures to accommodate expansions. Here is an informative piece to help you explore what precisely modular and jackleg buildings are and their distinctive features.

Modular buildings

The modular buildings are constructed offsite by refabricating an entire building using lean manufacturing techniques with the same standards as conventional constructions but in about half the time. At the site, you only need to put together deliverable module sections to reflect the intended design and specifications of a sophisticated facility uncompromisingly. These types of buildings come in two types with different characteristics which makes them suitable for various functions.

The locatable modular buildings can be relocated to other sites for short term purposes and are ideal for temporary workers housing, medical clinics, disaster relief or construction site office. You can move them to the next area once they ultimately serve their purpose. The permanent modular constructions are slightly larger and get perpetually assembled on the site. You can use them for hospitality, apartments, student housing, retail, and education or office buildings. What sets this construction type aside is that most work takes place within a controlled facility then gets transported to the construction site.
During construction, the structural fabrics of the units are attached to come up with the desired structure then the flooring, windows, walls, and doors take shape and are assembled. The mechanical, electric, and plumbing utilities get installed to complete the unit. Then, you add the appliances, trims, and other interior finishes to complete the construction. The factory-controlled structure generates less waste since you can easily disassemble the modules and refurbish them for a new purpose to reduce the needs for new raw materials.
Because the construction partially takes place in a factory, it results in improved air quality. The building process also takes place simultaneously with site work which eliminates weather delays and reduces construction schedule, which contributes to timely constructions that results in faster returns on investments. The buildings are made of architecture specified materials just like in conventional buildings including concrete, wood and steel, to meet and exceed the building codes and standards. The modules are engineered to withstand the rigours of craning and transportation and are thus more vital structurally. Also, the indoor construction environment improves the overall workers’ safety and security by reducing construction risks.

Jackleg Cabins

The cabins have adjustable external steel legs that facilitate stacking and lifting on any ground. You can opt to stack them on top of each other in case of limited space. They are used for different purposes but most preferably, for short term applications like a temporary working station before moving into a new one. They also complement the main structure. When holding an event such as a sports event, fundraising or a party, jacklegs can be used as temporary ticket booths, toilets or first-aid facility.

You can decide to use them as a startup kiosk option instead of construction or renting a more expensive permanent structure. When expanding your venture, you may need extra workspaces for your employees which can be made of jacklegs as you await completion of more offices, meaning that output won’t be interrupted. Additionally, they can work as temporary teaching facilities during a workshop or even in a learning institution.
The owners of Insite Portable Accommodation believes that ‘Jackleg cabins are ideal for short-term projects due to their versatility’.
They are flexible enough to fit your required measurements and accommodate a given number of people. They can be equipped with extra items to suit your needs from worktops, sinks to cooking areas. Also, you can easily transport them to a new site, and crane them into whichever position you wish. They are self-contained and ready to use, allowing faster assembling and installation. You, therefore, spend less as they are already pre-constructed in the factories and there aren’t depreciation costs.


The two types of buildings share common traits, but there are a few fundamental differences that make them best suitable for various applications. The modular buildings require foundations to fit in securely, but the jacklegs can be built directly onto a surface to provide a temporary building solution.