Why do I need to sharpen my lawnmower blades?

The mower blades need to be smooth and sharp for a clean cut. When the blades are rusty, it cuts the grass blade instead of chopping it down. Once the grass leaf has been torn, the grass leaf will eventually turn grayish brownish. The best approach is to have spare blades at hand. This means you may switch out the blunt blades for a new one and start cutting the grass; you won’t waste any time.

Cardiff Lawn and Garden have been supplying customers throughout South Wales with high-quality lawnmowers and accessories for decades. They believe that ‘ Regular lawnmower blade maintenance is not only vital for performance but also for safety’.


How do I take the blade off my mower?

Many times, you will turn the lawnmower sideways so that you can have access to the underneath of the trimming deck (oil dipstick to the ground). You need a car box to lift it into the air if you have a riding mower. Be sure that the deck doesn’t contain grass. When the grass is beneath the deck, wash it first. After each mow, you ought to scrap the deck. A big piece of wood or a huge stone is needed to keep the lawn blade spinning. Once you’ve got the woodblock wedged in, use the socket wrench to remove the bolt that holds the lawnmower blade. You may need some lacerating oil and a ground fault bar if you’ve not done that in an extended period. This is going to save you money. Whenever the repair shop has to bring off the blade, you will be charged extra.


How do I sharpen the lawnmower blade?

For a perfect cutting edge, one ought to build a high 30-degree cutting angle. The 30° angle is achieved by using a special blade sharpener.

Almost always, property owners use a file or angle grinder to place a sharp point on the blade. If you don’t want to do the job, a lawnmower maintenance specialist will handle the sharpening for you.


Balancing the blade

The balance of a lawnmower blade is essential. The engine spins at 3000 + rpm and should have a balancing blade, or you might ruin bears, spindles, etc. You may purchase a relatively cheap blade pulley on Amazon or a local hardware adjustment shop. If one side is stiffer than another, grind some more of that side when they are of equal weight. Once they have the same weight, you should place the blade back onto the mower.

There you’ve got it! You’ve just sharpened your first lawnmower blade. The process is relatively easy if you have the right tools to do the job and as a result of doing it yourself, you will have a spectacular looking garden and save money on new blades.


Let’s hope this article has helped you appreciate why and how lawn mower blades are sharpened.