How To Use Mirrors for Interior Design

A mirror is a secret weapon for the decorator. A beautiful mirror is not only a practical object to check the face, but can also be used in interior design. Mirrors can be used to add drama, amplify light, create fascinating reflections, and create framed views. It is amazing how adding a mirror can change your space and instantly solve any interior dilemma. However, it’s important to maintain and clean your mirror regularly! Here is a complete description of the use of mirrors for interior decoration.

1. Use Mirrors to Light up A Room

To light up a room, simply put a mirror opposite or next to the window to raise the quantity of natural light that enters the room. A mirror uses all possible daytime running light (no matter how dark the sky is in the outside). The larger the mirror, the lighter the room.

Mirrors effectively duplicate the light sources. When asked to decorate a cavernous room, put your mirrors close to a window or lamp.

2. Use Mirrors To Improve a Room

Mirrors are a crafty way to trick your eyes. They might be used to improve something or to distract attention. Awkward rooms, like spaces with a slanted ceiling or a room too small for furniture, could be repurposed using a mirror.

Are you familiar that mirrors are a great way to improve the atmosphere in your entertainment area? When a large mirror hangs on a wall, the illusion arises that there are many visitors in a gathering.

3. Use Mirrors Like a Window

Adding a mirror in rooms without windows make them look more spacious and much brighter. Choose designs with traditional parts of the window frame, for instance, separated mirror shutters or panes to assist in illusion creation.

A well-placed mirror might make a lesser room more expansive and reproduce the light radiated from the ordinary windows of a larger room.

4. Use Mirrors to Light up Dark Corners

Exploit the quantity of light in a room by positioning a mirror behind an illuminated lamp or combining it with mirrored pieces of equipment to reflect all light sources (artificial and natural) and illuminate their contours.

5. Use Mirrors in Doubling Your Space

By adding a mirror, the space doubles in no time. Small rooms benefit from the introduction of mirrors: convert a closet into a minor work area or use a thin mirror to make a narrow hallway seem much longer.

If you want to update your interior, position a mirror on your larger wall to illuminate as much light in the room.

Square mirrors look great in the fireplace or on the console table. On the other hand, they may be used in a compound to create a mirror wall.

6. Use a Set of Mirrors like Decoration

Use a cluster of mirrors like a decoration to blow new life into a simple wall. They can all have a similar shape, similar colour frame, or an eclectic combination of many mirrors that you like.

Alternatively, you can select a large, bold mirror, and then create your outline around it. Rarely is there a mirror that is too large.

7. Use Different Shaped Mirrors

The right mirror optimizes the natural flow of light in a room (if it is placed in the right place).

Do not limit yourself to outdated rectangular mirrors. Look at the style or shape of the room and reflect under the selected mirror. Mirrors do not always need to be practical. An unusual shape certainly creates a topic of conversation and gives the space the wow-factor.

8. Use a Mirror as Your Focal Point

In spaces without a fireplace or furniture shelf, a mirror is an excellent tool for determining the room centre. And in places where there is a fireplace, this only works to exaggerate the effects of the presence of the mirror.

A mirror with an intricately carved frame functions just as perfect as a portrait when it comes to selecting ornamental art for your space.

Overmantels have been selling and installing some of Britain’s finest luxury mirrors for over 30 years. They believe that ‘A mirror is no longer simply a practical addition to the home, they are seen as an important element of a homes’ interior design’

Finally, mirrors have a great effect in a home interior design. The drama they create has a lot of effects. Try the above ways and enjoy the feel.