APSM Introduces New Laser Cutting Machine

 APSM is a leading sheet metal fabrication service based in Swansea, South Wales. It is a multi-function service; prototype and production company that does its work efficiently to satisfy client needs and has over 20 years of experience. They ensure all their services have been cleared within time as agreed with customers. The industry specialists have a vast knowledge of the products and ensure they are of the best quality. The industry also is flexible thus can adapt to modern changing product forms and designs and also come up with up to date production of their own. The dedicated team at the industry includes; well-equipped team of designers, various engineers and skilled machine operatives.

In the year 2019, February 20th APSM Engineering made public their new product that could make work more efficient. The new laser cutting machine that was unveiled is the first and being one of its own kinds in the whole of Europe. The machine that is referred to as the Mazak OptiPlex Nexus 6kW Fibre laser is very efficient. It can be used in a number of industrial processes and is much less costly if compared to the mirror systems when being in use. The machine has been built with a lot of expertise to ensure it’s very accurate and when cutting the measurements exhibit uniformity.

The new engraving machine guarantees no mistakes in every job having been made very precisely to cut through many types of materials. The materials include non-ferrous metals; this are metals that do not contain iron such as aluminium, copper, brass, zinc, lead, stainless steel that are used in industries to make roofing pipes, gutters and even electric cables. The ferrous metals include; iron, carbon, silicon and they are used for their tensile strength and durability hence very important. The Mazak Optiplex Nexus 6kw Fiber Laser is very effective as it can cut up to 12mm accurately and precisely with the same power notwithstanding the strength of the material.

The new laser cutting machine is not only recognised for its cutting power but also its ability to create complex and unique highly detailed patterns. The laser beam that does the work is transmitted through optic cables to the cutting edge. The machine is a development from oxygen based cutting techniques to nitrogen-based techniques thus an improvement as oxidisation and coating problems are eliminated. It also saves time as the machine can do the work quickly with less energy and reduces any unnecessary wastage which is caused due to use of oxygen-based techniques and machines. This makes it more environmentally friendly.

Its design constitutes of a double pallet with a helical frame and restrained positioning that enables it to perform efficiently even if the material is more tensile. It also has a modern preview 3 control touch screen and advanced tech cables to enhance its functioning and monitoring of performance. The operating costs are lowered as compared to other machines since the fibre beam delivery performance is optimal in different material types with varied thickness. The complex design and unique cutting operations enable it to deliver with ease and the results are outstanding both in small scale and large-scale manufacturers.

The industry made the machine in the best way possible by incorporating modern technology to optimise cut speeds and deliver the best materials and results. The incorporation ensures less hand work required and still the laser can deliver as required every time. The fibre beam diameter is combined together with the focus control part to facilitate a wide area and more advanced performance when cutting any material of various width or length. It also constitutes of another feature known as the eight-position nozzle changer that ensures maintained and proper quality of any made cut with very minimal nitrogen gas consumption.

The Mazak Optiplex Nexus 6kw Fiber Laser also constitutes of sensors that monitor the cutting located in the multi-function torch and improve output quality. In case of any mistakes, if the sensors detect any unplanned results, the machine is automatically halted and the operation adjustments made immediately to achieve the required cutting or design results. The cutting speed is always higher even in reflective wave materials as the machine can be adjusted to a shortened wave length and the heat absorption rate is adjusted to be high. Even when all the adjustments are done, the energy conversion efficiency is maintained to be high.

By using this characteristic, the Mazak Optiplex Nexus 6kw Fiber Laser delivers outstanding performance expected from a modern generation laser technology. Its energy efficiency and environmental friendliness is one of the great achievements of the production by APSM. The industry also counts on possible machine failure. They have a spare parts department kept in automatic and retrieval system that are all QR coded for efficiency. They also offer a guarantee on newly purchased machines and also ensure reliable performances.