Mazda CX7 Timing Chain Calibration (P1336)

When you get a new timing chain fitted on a Mazda CX7 2.2 D or any other Mazda that uses the 2.2 diesel engine, and the dpf light is flashing, you need to calibrate / reset the ecu.

You may also get fault code p1336 if you have a obd 11 reader.


Before you start you must make sure the engine is hot, it will not work otherwise.

All you need is a piece of wire around 5cm length.

How to reset timing chain calibration on CX7?

Mazda CX7 Timing Chain reset









  1. Locate the check connector (on left side of engine)
  2. Remove the dummy plug (has two inputs)
  3. Connect one end of your wire to one input
  4. Start the engine
  5. Let it idle for 1 minute
  6. Connect the other end of wire to the other input (both terminals now connected together)
  7. Go back into the car and close the door
  8. You need to press the clutch and brake simultaneously 5 times within 1 minute
  9. The glow plug symbol on the dash board will illuminate and flash 5 times
  10. Once it goes out switch off the engine
  11. Wait at least 20 seconds
  12. Switch the engine back on and your dpf light should not be visible (timing chain has now been reset / calibrated)
  13. Switch engine off
  14. Remove wire from check connector and replace dummy plug


Your car is now ready use with no dpf lamp flashing.

Timing chain is now reset and you are ready to go.