Blast protection reduces blast pressures by as much as 95%

Cintec International have developed an innovative and game-changing breakthrough in the provision of protection against a vast range of terrorist  devices including  agents such as radiological, biological and chemical.

These protective structures are self inflating and water filled. They are manufactured from PVC (poly-vinyl-chloride) coated fabric. In order to maintain their stability and strength, they are internally reinforced utilising a specialist stitching technique. They are called Waterwall Structures.  Prior to use these structures are partially air inflated to aide handling and correct positioning. Once filled with water a pressure relief valve displaces the air.  Depending on the size of the structure and the water pressure, the time taken to fill each structure will vary, but it is typically about ten minutes.

Waterwall structures are designed to contain and isolate devices varying from the size of a shoe to a car bomb. These include the Mini Hex Bin, Maxi Hex Bin, Blast Bin and Ram Bag.  Cintec International has also produced a structure large enough to enclose a vehicle of several tonnes. They have also manufactured a range of blast panels which can be linked together and rapidly deployed.

Reduces blast pressures by as much as 95%

Waterwall structures are easily stored and transported and can accept any type of water. Each component in a system is capable of dramatically reducing blast effects. Goto Cintec Inflatables for full information.