The Bimagrip of the future – How Thorgrip is paving the way

Why Thorgrip has the industry talking?

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Bimagrip vs Thorgrip – The anti-skid surfacing technology that is set to stick around

Industry leaders Thortech, have been creating a buzz in the marine and civil engineering sector with their latest adoption of the innovative technology Thorgrip.

Thorgrip provides the industry with the latest state-of-the-art anti-skid technology, offering a cost-effective surfacing solution for areas prone to loss of traction or slipping.

Thortech’s move away from Bimagrip to Thorgrip proves to be a monumental step within the industry, with the newly integrated technology set to create a ground-breaking precedent within the sector.

Why Thorgrip is set to become the new industry leader over Bimagrip

Within the marine and civil engineering sector, the need for safe, secure and affordable anti-skid technology remains imperative.

Thortech’s realisation and understanding of continued innovation needed, has ultimately led to the change from Bimagrip to Thorgrip. Through listening to the sectors particular needs, Thortech CEO … realised the ground breaking potential of this latest technology and made the switch over in 2020

With health and safety remaining imperative to that of anti-skid surfacing, Thortech made the necessary switch to Thorgrip, applying and providing this latest technology to all of their prospective clients.


What are the benefits of using Thorgrip?

Thorgrip offers many benefits as a surfacing solution, some key specifics are:

  • Thorgrip technology is designed to reduce stopping distances by as much as 30%
  • Efficient application properties within the product ensures surfaces can be used as little as 2 hours after being applied (motor vehicles, foot traffic, etc.)
  • One application of Thorgrip ensures the surface grip will remain intact for a longer duration, when comparing against other cheaper alternatives which often require regular reapplication.

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Athlete’s Bridge, Olympic Village, London

How is Thorgrip made?

Thorgrip is a product created via a three-component polyurethane-based system. The exact formula is made from a combination of polyurethane primer, a fast-cure polyurethane adhesive compound and the selected aggregate.

This three-component based system ensures surfaces, upon which it is applied, remain extremely durable and resistant to areas prone to slipping and skidding.

Thorgrip has the ability to be applied to an abundance of surfaces, whether it be steel, concrete, asphalt or timber. Regardless of the surface, Thorgrip remains fast setting, long lasting and easy to lay.


Thorgrip is currently produced in two formats, each offering a specific purpose:

–              Thorgrip STS – Used within areas of heavy traffic.

–              Thorgrip HD – Used within area of less traffic (Public walkways, bridges, etc.)


Thorgrip is currently available in varying degrees of thickness which is dependent on the particular aggregate required, ranging from 3 to 7mm.

The Thorgrip technology has become the industry standard for many leading authorities including bridge engineers, architects and highway authorities.

Thorgrip is available exclusively via the Thortech website: