What is a Ghost Immobiliser?

A ghost immobiliser is a security measure created by Autowatch which helps to protect your vehicle from key theft, hacking and key cloning. If you own a car and would like to secure it, then this is a must-have technology for you. The only way your car can be stolen once you have your ghost immobiliser fitted is by towing away. However, even by doing so, the thief would not be able to start your car!


How ghost immobilisers’ work

One merit of having ghost immobiliser over other security gadgets is that a ghost immobiliser does not have a LED light or radio signal which might give it away its location. This device is very simple to operate as you only need to create a sequence of buttons to come up with a PIN code. These buttons can either be fitted on the dashboard, the door panels, or on the steering wheel. Unless the sequence is known to the thief, they cannot start your vehicle.

Your private PIN can be changed anytime with up to 20 buttons presses available. Another additional merit is that the immobiliser does not require being set as it becomes automatically activated once your ignition is switched off. Only one person can replace the engine control unit (ECU), normally the owner of the vehicle. Therefore, a thief would not be able to replace the ECU or even create a new key to enable him to start the engine.

It is also impossible to hack the ghost immobiliser system using an OBD port simply because it is difficult to use diagnostics to locate where the immobiliser is. Kits n Bits highly recommend the use of an immobilser.


What to do if you forget the ghost immobiliser PIN.

For most people, remembering the PIN can be a daunting task. However, you do not need to worry. The ghost immobiliser system caters for times when the PIN is forgotten. Certain measures are put in place to ensure easy retrieval of your PIN. These measures include:

 • You can access a unique emergency code should you forget your PIN sequence.

• When servicing your car, a specific code is generated to ensure the security settings of your vehicle are not compromised.

When remembering the PIN code becomes challenging, you can use an iPhone app that integrates with your vehicle so that you can just drive off your car without bothering with the PIN.


 Is a ghost immobiliser necessary? 

There are many factors to consider when planning getting a ghost immobiliser. First is the security of your residence with regards to car theft. If your area is prone to car theft, then this system is a must for you.


Another factor is the cost of your vehicle, why would you want to risk if you have an expensive car?

A trucker who install tracking systems in vehicle released a list of the most stolen and recovered cars last year. The top on the list was the range Rover Sport, then BME X5, followed by Mercedes C Class, Range Rover Vogue, and lastly the Land Rover Discovery. Many expensive luxury cars are stolen every day so installing the ghost immobiliser is a small price to pay when you own such machines. Protecting your cars should be your topmost priority.

 Features of the ghost immobiliser:

• Wire cutting is impossible hence safer installations

• Immobilisation by integrating with the engine control unit

• PIN code is through buttons on the steering wheel or the dashboard

• Undetectable using diagnostics

• Key cloning and engine control unit swapping is prevented

• It cannot be bypassed using ordinary theft methods

• There are no radio frequency signals

• No additional fobs

• It uses the onboard CAN data network

• There is a unique changeable PIN code

• There is a secure, unique emergency code when the PIN is forgotten.


Difference between ghost I and II

There are no big differences between the two. The 1 has now become obsolete and is no longer in the market. The 2 can pair with up to 2 phones should you wish, either the android or iOS systems. However, caution has to be taken as anyone with your phone can start your vehicle.


Effect of disconnecting or changing your battery on the ghost immobiliser.

The ghost immobiliser is not affected by a change in your car battery. The system will just retain the state it was before power was interrupted. If it was in service mode, then the system will retain the service mode and likewise if it was not in service mode.