What Type of Blind is Suitable for Bathrooms?

Bathroom blinds have saved us from a lot of embarrassment. Has someone ever walked into the shower while you were showering? How about a pervert who peeps over your windows? To make matter worse, you had no blinds or you had poor blinds. It is hard to choose a blind, so this article will hopefully guide you accordingly. Below are five blinds suitable for your bathroom. Remember some blinds meet specific needs, so it is up to you to decide which one suits you.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are versatile. Apart from bathrooms, they can also be used on patio doors and large windows. Blinds have a headrail and vertical strips called louvers. The headrail stretches the length of the window so that the louvers can accurately cover the window or door. If you need privacy in your living room, you can also place your vertical blinds in this room. The bathroom is not the only room considered private.

These blinds also control the amount of sunlight that enters the bathroom. Sunlight can be blinding, so you can draw the blinds such that they allow little or no sunlight in the room.

PVC roller blinds

These blinds are moisture-resistant, so you do not need to worry about accidentally pouring water on them as you shower. Other blinds retain water and subsequently attract black mold. PVC roller blinds thus retain little to no water.

The blinds are also easy to clean. All it takes is a quick wipe with a dust brush, unlike other blinds that need to be taken down and washed. They also do well in giving you privacy, since they darken the bathroom. Sunlight doesn’t penetrate through hence the darkness.

Wooden blinds

You may need to differentiate between wood and faux wood. It is easy to distinguish them based on how they feel. Wood is made from trees and faux wood is made from vinyl. Real wood is not water-resistant, unlike faux wood. If you opted for wooden blinds, then you would not be able to clean them. We already know the dangers of wood retaining water.

Another benefit of these blinds is that they are easy to wipe. When you wipe them, you will notice that no dirt will remain on them. Other blinds are prone to stubborn stains.

Faux wooden blinds are not just resistant to water, but external damages like scratches. These blinds are therefore durable. If you never want to spend money buying blinds endlessly, faux wood blinds are the way to go.

Mirage blinds

Most people purchase other blinds and overlook mirage blinds. Mirage blinds are flexible and they allow the user to adjust them accordingly. For instance, you can have them fully open, fully closed or somewhere in between.

These blinds also give your bathroom an aesthetic appeal since they come in many colors. You can choose the colors depending on the color of your bathroom. For instance, if your bathroom is white; it may be better to choose black or any other dark color for great contrast. You can also use them in any room of your house, so they are not limited to the bathroom.

Pleated blinds

Unlike most blinds which come equipped with hanging cords, pleated blinds have none. Children can accidentally strangle themselves to death with the cords. If you have toddlers, these blinds are appropriate for you.

Pleated blinds are slim, so you do not need to worry about the blinds flapping in the wind. The blinds naturally form a small neat stack. Due to the arrangement of the stack, no louver will be left out of the stack which will otherwise be blown by the wind.


A bathroom is a private place so, to sum up, here are a few requirements that your blinds should meet: privacy, their ability to ward off moisture, ability to allow the amount of sunshine you want, and ease to clean. It is easy to focus on the beauty of the blinds, but ensure they meet the mentioned requirements. Also, some people focus on cost and buy cheap blinds. Although being economical is important, sometimes cheap is not always ideal.