What Are Bog Mats and How Are They Utilised in the Construction Industry?

Practitioners in the construction industry often have to deal with the realities of building in wet, muddy, and unpredictable climatic conditions. Regardless of the harsh conditions, large construction projects cannot be paused because of the climate. Bog mats were created to ease operations in such times. GJ Bog Mats have been assisting construction firms throughout the UK to complete large-scale projects and adhere to strict deadlines.

What is a bog mat?

Ekki Mats Sale Hire UK GJ Bog MatsThe term “bog mat” is derived from the conditions mentioned above. A bog is a wetland ecosystem comprising of wet and muddy ground that can easily buckle under heavyweight. Therefore, a bog mat is a pre-built ground covering board usually made of timber or hardened using plastic. They help practitioners in the construction industry to alleviate ground cover issues and improve mobility around working grounds. They also help protect and stabilize the ground. 

Applications of bog mats in the construction industry

In the construction industry, bog mats are commonly applied. Below are some ways in which these products are used and their benefits in this market;

Providing easy access to impenetrable terrain

Working in impenetrable terrain is a construction worker’s worst nightmare as it takes a lot of time and money. It can also be dangerous for the workers and harmful to the equipment. Bog mats eliminate these issues. They allow easy access to such terrain. 

Ground or environment protection when moving equipment 

One of the main issues that construction workers experience when working in such conditions is damaging the surrounding environments when moving and transporting equipment. Note that emphasis on environmental protection has recently become a significant issue for construction companies. Bog mats eliminate this issue. 

Bog mats are used as an innovative form of ground protection solution. They allow for vehicles, equipment, and machinery to access construction sites without damaging the surrounding environment. For instance, they provide a firm base for cranes to move from one place to the next. In other words, they limit the ecological disturbances hence assisting with environmental conservation during construction projects. 

Protecting the aesthetics of a given surrounding

Another challenge faced by the construction industry is the damages caused to the aesthetics of areas surrounding the construction site. Bog mats are used to limit the adverse impact of a construction project on its surrounding. These products help protect the aesthetics of a given surrounding. By doing so, they save the construction workers the cost of restorative work. Restorative work is usually carried out around a worksite after a construction project is complete to reinstate its aesthetic appeal. This is because they prevent spillage and damages to the site. It is also worth mentioning that bog mats offer a lease of life to plants and animals in the construction area because they confine the area around the construction site. 

Reducing the risk of injury

Injuries are common occurrences in the construction industry. However, working in adverse climatic conditions, wet and muddy grounds increases the likelihood of injuries. Bog mats are used to keep some of these injuries from occurring. Here, they work by preventing the ground underneath the construction workers’ feet from becoming wet and muddy. By doing so, there are fewer slipping accidents. 

Promoting organization

It is also worth mentioning that bog mats come in varying colors, shapes, thicknesses, and sizes. Therefore, different types of bog mats can be applied to identify the walkways for various construction workers. They can also be used to demarcate areas meant for equipment like excavators and cranes, among other earth-moving machinery. Construction site visitors can also have a separate walkway with a different color of bog mat. These color-coded boundaries can make the construction site more organized. They can also help foster safety in the work area. Crane Mats Crane Pads UK GJ Bogmats

They are cost-effective

Working in an unsuitable terrain can cost a lot of money. Traditionally, construction companies would have to clear roads or wait for the climate to become friendly before moving forward with projects. These options have proved both cost and time-intensive. Despite being temporary structures, bog mats offer a price and time-effective solution to unsuitable terrain. Laying bog mats on the ground is a fast process, and it does not cost as much money as traditional alternatives would take. 


The applications of bog mats in the construction industry are limitless. However, it is safe to say that the primary application is in areas where heavy equipment is applied or the ground conditions are not suitable.