Can I put a Shipping Container on my Land?

Guide to Common Use of Shipping Containers at Home

Nowadays, one can use shipping containers for a variety of purposes. These steel storage containers provide an easy way to add space to your home, property or business without having to start construction afresh.  Apart from being affordable, shipping containers can be easily modified to include doors, windows among other essential items required for a perfect home. But, what are the common uses of shipping containers today?


Top 4 Uses of Shipping Containers

steel shipping containerHousing

One of the most common trends in the repurposing of shipping containers is using them to cover housing needs. These steel storage containers offer an affordable and ideal way to increase space around homes as they are portable, easily manipulated, and provide safe housing.

Storage Sheds

Do you need additional space to store lawnmowers, gardening tools, or other equipment? A shipping container can be a great option. These shipping containers can protect your equipment from harsh elements, ensuring both safety and long life. You can also use steel storage containers to store farm produce, among other wide ranges of items and goods.

Swimming Pools

Setting up a traditional pool can be nerve-wracking and expensive for any individual, not to forget that it takes a lot of time. A shipping container is your best option if you need a swimming pool without the complex part of setting it up from scratch. There are plenty of specialists who can turn your shipping container into a perfect swimming pool by adding liners, heaters, and ladders, among other amenities.

Growing Spaces

Are you looking for a solution for your limited indoor growing space? Do not look any further. Shipping containers offer an ample, unique growing space as they have a narrow design making it easier to stack them. Additionally, these enclosed growing spaces can produce crops all year round as they offer a humidity-controlled environment.


Benefits of Shipping Containers

shipping containers on private landWhether you use your shipping container for storage or housing, there are lots of benefits that you get to enjoy. Here are some of the advantages of using shipping containers:

In Housing

These are some of the benefits of using shipping containers as homes.

  • Flexibility – One of the reasons why shipping containers produce the best housing options is flexibility in design, configuration and general layout. With such flexible nature, it is easy to place them in any shape, stacks or design as you see fit for aesthetic and space reasons.
  • Portability – Do you want a portable home? If yes, have you thought of container housing? Ordinarily, these shipping containers are designed to house goods and travel long distances, withstanding harsh conditions. With that in mind, you can easily transport your container home anywhere in the world as you please.
  • Cost and time saving – Without any doubt, a shipping container is a more affordable housing option. It is faster to build a container house than start a conventional house from scratch. The cost of turning a shipping container into a fully-fledged home depends on the designs and features you need in it.
  • Durability – A shipping container is undoubtedly one of the most durable structures. These shipping containers are built to last and can withstand the harsh conditions on-route the destination. Apart from the natural strong roofs and walls, adding top-quality external cladding to your container home can increase its life span.

As Storage

 Here are some advantages of storage shipping containers.

  • Safety – Whether you want to store farm produce, fertilizer or other equipment, a shipping container offers a safe storage solution. Shipping containers are reliable, have strong steel walls and roofs that protect from harsh elements. Offering peace of mind from break-ins and tempering.
  • Durability – If you need a storage solution that would last you for a very long time, then a shipping container can be the best option. With strong-steeled walls and cladding exterior surfaces, these shipping containers can offer you storage space for up to 50 years.