8 Vital Safety Measures Needed on Every Construction Site

Securing a construction site is one of the most ignored things in virtually all construction projects. Accidents are a headache for the human resource department and a bother for employees in most organisations. However, accidents at construction sites can be life-threatening.

Working at construction sites is among the deadliest jobs as workers are prone to unforeseen accidents. While employers need to offer a safe working environment, employees should adhere to various safety precautions when working in such risky conditions.

If you want to lower accidents and enhance safety at construction sites, here are the top eight essential safety measures to consider.

Start with Awareness

Workers should be well-informed about the potential risks before setting their feet on the construction site. Unaware employees are probably the main danger in most organisations because their ignorance puts other employees’ lives at risk. Understanding the potential hazards and how to avoid them is undoubtedly the top safety measure for all industries. It will help if construction managers ensure that all workers are aware of the risks they may encounter while working.

Offer a Safety Training

Although construction employees gain a lot of experience while working, it’s sensible that you train them about safety before starting their job. Certain construction equipment is hazardous, particularly when wrongly used. You should avoid assuming that employees understand how these machines work. Instead, offer training to ensure they do. Also, continually update their skills so they keep up with modern procedures. 

Install Fire Extinguishers

File:Fire foam extinguisher (håndslokker, brannslukningsapparat,  pulverapparat, skumapparat, type HOUSEGARD) on wall in primary school in  Eikelandsosen, Fusa, Hordaland, Norway. Also sign and fire blanket.  2018-03-23 C.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Most construction sites need electricity connections because there is plenty of lifting, drilling, lifting, or even cutting. So, if you have plugin tools, such as grinders and drillers, you should ensure proper metal casing and cable protection. If needs be, ensure workers have appropriate training and certification before using this equipment.

Over the years, there have been injuries and few fatalities that result from fires. Fire is likely to break out if you have explosive chemicals, welding tools, and machinery on a construction site. Due to this, you need to be always alert and take preventive measures by having a fire extinguisher in place.

Install Signage to Remind Workers of the Dangers

You can install signs at a construction site to inform employees about the possible dangers. For instance, if your construction site has loud machinery, it would be valuable to have signage reminding workers to put on ear protection at the entry point. Whatever signs you decide to install, always ensure they are visible and easy to read from a distance. If possible, have a combination of picture-based and text-only signs.

Invest in Construction Site Alarm

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With technological advancement, there is a need to use modern technology to improve safety at construction sites. Most people believe that investing in a construction site alarm could help minimise risks. Today, you can invest in a construction safety system that sends automatic alerts when workers fall. Still, you can have a system that measures employees’ heart rate and recommend when to take breaks.

Ensure that Employees wear Protective Equipment

The protective equipment for construction industry employees includes high-visibility vests, safety goggles, and steel-toe footwear. Remember to set the minimum requirements for this equipment, so there are no worries. What’s more, regularly inspect the equipment to check whether they are functioning correctly. For instance, a hard hat with a faulty strap or snap can easily fall should the worker encounter a blow.

Remain Watchful of Weather-related Dangers

The fact that most construction employees work outside most of their time means they are prone to weather risks. Thus, it would help if you considered the prevailing season to identify the measures to boost safety. Employees working in a scorching environment will quickly become dehydrated, mainly through sweating. If that’s the case, give workers water breaks or ask them to wear cold packs around their heads or necks. On the other hand, employees working in chilly weather should wear warm clothes. 

Include Measures of Reducing Fatigue

study indicates that construction employees who feel exhausted during their working hours have high chances of experiencing difficulties with cognitive and physical functionalities. As a result, fatigue may be a cause of accidents in construction settings.

Working at a construction site is tough, but you can lower this strain by incorporating practical ways. For example, give workers the appropriate equipment. You can have a boom-style concrete pump at your site to take the material to higher floors. The beauty of this equipment is that it’s safer, quicker, and less labour-intensive than manual work.

Wrap Up

A construction site’s eventual objective is to lower injuries, accidents, and fatalities to zero. Any construction industry with few accidents is popular among most workers. The best way of reducing accident numbers is to ensure that employees are aware of their safety. Although it’s challenging to eliminate the dangers at construction sites, following the above eight safety measures will help you get close to zero accidents.