How inflatable structures help the UK police and fire service

During the 1980s, inflatable structures gained a reputation for being dirty and unreliable.

This is because the inflatables in question were typically used as temporary seating in outdoor stadiums and therefore they would accumulate body fluids and dust throughout their lifetime.

However, this is no longer the case. A series of inflatable structures have been developed that are capable of providing a high level of protection to people and property against a range of terrorist devices, including those containing chemical, biological and radiological agents. The inflatable structure is installed on a water pad on site. It has an inflatable base which includes inflatable barriers and ballistic protection of appropriate capabilities.

Inflatable structures have been developed to provide a cost-effective and safe solution that can be easily deployed and stored. The inflatable is self-inflating and therefore does not require any specialist tools or equipment. These inflatables are capable of providing protection for periods longer than 10 years due to the high-quality materials used in their design

How The UK Military Uses Inflatable Devices:

Inflatable devices were used by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect convoys from snipers, roadside bombs, and other terrorist weapons. In inflatable structures for civilian purposes, inflatable closures are installed inside inflatable barriers which can be inflated within seconds should a blast occur. The inflatable closure forms a seal behind inflatable barriers to prevent airflow into the protected space. Ballistic fabrics are used on inflatable structures which can provide protection against shrapnel, ball bearings, and other projectiles.

The inflatables require no maintenance over their lifetime where they are installed on-site. They can be removed easily if required or relocated elsewhere. This inflatable application can be a cost-effective solution if inflatable devices are utilized in the right way. Unlike other protective barriers, inflatables do not require any form of maintenance or barrier replacement for years after installation which provides a unique opportunity to reduce costs over time.

How UK Police Use Inflatable Devices?

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The inflatable structures of yesterday are not the inflatables of today. Modern inflatables for security applications have evolved with time to become one of the most effective, versatile, and cost-efficient solutions available on the market.

UK police forces continue to invest in inflatable devices with developments that include inflatable closure systems inside inflatable barriers.

They protect officers and civilians whilst they are making arrests. This inflatable offers protection against knives, guns, baseball bats, bricks, and other missiles which may be thrown or used as weapons during an arrest scenario.

Police inflatables offer the benefit of allowing the police officer to inflate the inflatable when they are in a potentially dangerous situation. This inflatable is inflatable in seconds and allows officers to approach their target which provides an additional safety barrier between them and any danger.

How UK Firefighters Use Inflatable Devices?

They protect firefighters as they enter a building. The inflatable is similar to the inflatable used by police and provides protection against knives, guns, bricks and other missiles which may be thrown or used as weapons whilst the inflatable device is deployed inside a burning building. This type of inflatable is inflatable in seconds and allows firefighters to approach a burning building in a safe manner.

Firefighters inflatables offer the benefit of allowing the firefighters to inflate the inflatable device when they are in a potentially dangerous situation.