China Tests It’s Own Version of ‘Mother of All Bombs’

China tested its most powerful conventional bomb, according to a state media, which called it “the Chinese version of the ‘mother of all bombs'”, in reference to a US bomb dropped in Afghanistan.

The state arms manufacturer Norinco published on its website a video that shows for a few seconds the launch of the bomb. The explosive falls on a plain and then a giant ball of fire with black smoke is produced.

On social media, the official Xinhua news agency on Wednesday described the device, presented for the first time, as “the Chinese version of ‘the mother of all bombs’.”

A Chinese bomber H-6K launched this bomb, whose “power is not inferior to that of nuclear weapons,” according to the same source.

It is not known, however, when the test was carried out. Norinco or Xinhua do not give dates or a precise place or details about their capabilities.

In April of 2017, the United States launched in Afghanistan the most powerful conventional weapon of its arsenal, a bomb with a massive expansive wave (massive ordnance air blast – MOAB) that they baptized “mother of all the pumps”.

The objective was to destroy a network of underground Islamic State (EI) group in the east of the country. US President Donald Trump then said he was “proud” of his Armed Forces and welcomed “success”.

The Chinese bomb would be between five and six meters long, but it would be smaller and lighter than the American device, according to Wei Dongxu, a military analyst based in Beijing and quoted on Friday by the semi-official newspaper Global Times. “The massive explosion it generates can easily destroy fortified land targets,” Wei stressed.