500 days in RSPCA

License: Pexels Author: Johann


Hector was renowned for being the loneliest dog in Britain. He has spent more than 500 days in the charity operation that promotes animal welfare called RSPCA. The members and staff of the RSPCA charity shelter, including the manager, praised the dog saying that Hector was very interesting and his traits were very much lovable to everyone. Hector who is now aged two, came into the limelight after he was labelled to be ‘Britain’s loneliest dog’. He was first brought to the RSPCA shelter when he was only 12weeks old due to a concern about his wellbeing. The RSPCA located in Exeter, Devon, anxiously waited for him to be adopted after being in the limelight, but sadly this didn’t happen as quickly as they hoped.  However, he has found a new home in the South West of England where only adults like him stay. Jo Evans who was the shelter manager when he was 12months explained:

after Hector’s news was out that he was the loneliest dog; there were very many potential owners who were very much willing to pay for him. Unfortunately, all the suitors came from either overseas or far away from the shelter within the UK.
Volunteers and members of the shelter in Exeter were excited and happy for him. They hoped that he will extend his love to his new home. They hoped that their interesting resident had found a happy home after many months of waiting. The dog can now enjoy the new company and make the new environment a home having waited for more than 500 days in the RSPCA. A number of days before he was the loneliest dog but now, he can be taken care of in his new home in the Southwest of England. He will no longer be a resident at the shelter after several months and the charity thanked everyone including those who hyped Hector’s story on social media for attracting many families for adoption. The RSPCA staff were excited and wished Hector well and hopes this will help spread awareness on animal cruelty.