South Wales Company Introduces New Eco-Friendly Electric Forklift

Want to hire or purchase an efficient and productive forklift? Then grab the new eco-friendly electric forklift introduced by Gwent Mechanical Handling in South Wales. Workplace efficiency depends on the type of equipment used to meet your needs. There are many types of forklifts available in the market, which is why some warehouse operators find it difficult to choose the best for the nature of their work.

Electric Forklifts come with many advantages such as producing zero emissions and being quieter during operation compared to other forklifts which makes them ideal for indoor work. They are also extremely versatile and can roll into the back of a trailer, grab shipment on pallets and move them to storage. They also help save on money because they require minimum maintenance.

The Basic Features of an Electric Forklift
The glaring difference between an electric forklift and other types of forklifts is that it is powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. Here are some of the features of an electric forklift:

The motor
The motor converts electrochemical energy into mechanical energy which is required to enable movement of the Forklift. If the motor fails to deliver on its function, then the forklift would not move forward or upward: it would be rendered useless.

Master cylinder velocity fuses
The fuses hold the masts in position in case there is a hoist hose rupture. The masts will not be able to fall in the event of hoist hose failure.

A built-in self-diagnosis system
The new eco-friendly electric forklift introduced by South Wales company has a self-diagnosis system that monitors the performance of the forklift including the duration of use and battery life. It will quickly detect and inform the operator of any problems within the forklift. For complex machines such as Forklifts, early detection of problems can save the warehouse owner a lot of money on repairs.

Hydrostatic power steering
With this feature, your steering wheel will not get a chance to stray from its original position when the forklift comes against a stationary object. You can, therefore, worry less about the safety of the forklift when you are a little less occupied.

It has an Anti-roll-back mechanism
This feature helps to detect if the forklift is on an inclining position and therefore informs the user to adjust the operator control to correct the inclining position. This feature helps to prevent accidents and maintain safety in the workplace.
These are some of the outstanding features of the new eco-friendly electric forklift introduced by South Wales. They make handling of shipment at the warehouse easier and safer compared to the other types of forklifts.

Benefits of the electric forklift 
Increasingly, storage and logistics companies are switching to electric forklifts because their numerous advantages continue to outweigh their disadvantages. Here are the reasons why you should go for an electric Forklift:

1.Low operating costs
Unlike the liquid-fuelled forklifts, electric forklifts use rechargeable electric batteries. For the liquid-fuelled forklifts, you will have to spend a lot of money on fuel every single day to maintain the high power necessary to complete all of the duties at the warehouse.

Because electric forklifts use electric batteries instead of fuel batteries, they are quieter during operation compared to the other type of forklifts. This feature makes them preferred for indoor operations of a warehouse.

Liquid-fuelled forklifts produce emissions from combustion of gases in the fuel tank which means that they are not fit to be used indoors or even outdoor because they pollute the environment. Electric forklifts, on the other hand, are cleaner since they have zero emissions and are therefore suitable for indoor operations where ventilation might be limited.

The electric forklift has the anti-rollback mechanism which informs its user when it is lying on inclining position. The user will then manipulate the operator control to stabilise the machine. This anti-roll-back mechanism helps to prevent accidents at the workplace.

5.Better performance
Electric Forklifts use alternating current (AC) batteries which maintains the performance of the machine even as the battery life reduces. This is because they are designed to deliver high performance throughout the day until the voltage is so low that it requires recharging. The other types of forklifts use direct current (DC) batteries which are severely under-efficient since they grow weak as the voltage reduces. They cannot survive a full day’s work.

Also, with the electric forklifts, depleted batteries can be replaced with recharged batteries at the work site unlike the liquid-fuelled type of forklift that would require more time to refuel and get back to work.

The electric forklifts have many advantages that outweigh their disadvantages including better performance, lower cost of maintenance and zero emissions. You better grab the new eco-friendly electric forklift introduced by Gwent Mechanical Handling today to save on operational costs!