Why you should choose an interior design company for your kitchen design

By the time most people begin a renovation project, they often have a clear idea of what they’d like the outcome to be. At the very least, they have a mental image or a series of images that create an outline of what they expect the final result to be. Going from design to execution, however, isn’t always so simple and there are a number of ways to get from the former to the latter. One important decision to consider is whether you’d like to go with an interior design company or work independently. Here are six reasons why it might be a good idea to go with an interior design company when planning your next kitchen.

1. Have a fuss-free experience 
Building or renovating a kitchen requires working with a number of different teams – gas workers, water professionals, electricians, builders and so on. Making sure these teams work together harmoniously, without having one team’s work affect the others’, is a potentially exhausting task. Tasks are often linked to or dependant on other teams’ work and coordinating the timeline can be quite tricky. Interior design companies take responsibility for all aspects of the building work and hence take all the fuss out of the job for you.

2. Combine Practicality with Design 
One of the benefits interior design companies offer is the value of experience. Having worked with a number of clients over time, they know what design choices worked or didn’t work in the long run. Design decisions must be practical, especially in a functional space like the kitchen, and it often takes experience to know which choices will remain functional over time and which ones only have stylistic value. Designers can hence offer you practical feedback on designs you may wish to incorporate into your kitchen so that they can remain valuable in the years to come.

3. Get high-quality items for better prices
Design companies often have a list of preferred vendors they like to work with. This preference arises from positive experiences in the past, whether based on price, quality or after sales services. This means they can get you top quality items and materials for better prices than you would if you were to buy independently. They can also introduce you to trade-only companies that you would not have access to as an independent buyer. These companies often have lower prices than commercial businesses catering to independent shoppers.

4. Gain New Perspective and Innovative Ideas
While most homeowners will design a space based on the inspiration they get from other peoples’ spaces, interior designers create new rooms from scratch. This means you can get a completely personalised space that is not only one of a kind, but also one that incorporates new innovative ideas. Whether this means new materials or designs not widely seen yet or advances in interior functionality, it means you’re getting a cutting-edge design.

5. Save Money on Fixing Potential Mistakes
There is no doubt about it – almost any DIY project undertaken by a novice will result in mistakes. And while this is a natural part of any learning process, it is also a costly part to reverse. Perhaps leave the learning to another time and let the professionals use their experience and expertise to give you a job done right the first time around.

6. Bring New Life Into Your Existing Pieces
Building a new room doesn’t mean starting completely from scratch. Especially with a room like a kitchen, you’ll likely have collected objects representing your style and taste over the years. Whether it’s a valued piece of china you’d like to feature front and centre or a quirky light fixture you just can’t seem to let go of, interior designers can breathe new life into your existing pieces and help tie everything together in a harmonious way.

All in all, while there is no rule stating you can’t oversee your own renovation or building project, the fact of the matter is there are many reasons to consider using an interior design company for the job. You’re guaranteed to have a space that truly represents you and your vision for it while ensuring there is no compromise on quality, function and practicality.