Utrecht Shooting – “Possible Terrorist Motive”

When we look at terrorism, we see a global crisis that has seen the fall of multiple nations and countries. The horrible terrorist attack on the Dutch has left the world gaped. The recent terror attacks throughout the Netherlands have led to the loss of numerous lives. According to the Dutch police, three individuals lost their lives leaving three others injured. The recent attack involved the shooting of individuals in a tram. Earlier that day the police carried out a seven-hour man haunt that led to the arrest of the prime suspect Gokmen. According to records Gokmen is believed to be a thirty-seven-year-old male.
The attack is thought to be a terrorist motive. However, no terror group or organisation has claimed responsibility. On the other hand, prosecutors have found no link between the suspect and the victims. This has entirely lead to the conclusion that the shooting was an act of terror.The attack took place at 09:45 GMT which was 10:45 local time.

According to an unknown eyewitness who told The Dutch news site,“a man started shooting wildly.”

Another witness told the Dutch public broadcaster that he saw an injured woman with blood over her hands and clothes. The witness goes on further to say, “I brought her into my car as we waited for help from the police.” Further investigations are being done towards the matter even as the police are relying on security camera video feeds. The police are also counting on the public to produce photos which they took during the incident.

The attack has seen the closure of trams and trains because of the increased threat level. This has disabled the transport system. The attack has affected most systems including schools. The incident has also caused the closure of most institutions is Utrecht such as the Utrecht University and mosques. The police have also increased security in airports throughout the Netherlands. The attack has dramatically affected the number of tourists and investors entering the country. This has, in turn, lowered the stock exchange market for the Dutch.

There are numerous motives behind a terrorist attack. According to studies, terrorism is a gear meant to facilitate many things with the most common being fear. However, when the topic is brought to the table, we find that there are also other motives behind terrorism. These include power, profit gains, and attacks on religion. With each attack, there is a gain for those who finance the unspeakable act of terrorism.