Why a Composite Front Door is Right For Your Home

Composite doors are very popular today with the majority of households looking to install them for the multiple benefits it has over other door types. Made from a composition of various materials such as UPVC, galvanised steel, polyurethane foam, and wood, just as the name suggests, composite doors offer the best there is when it comes to securing your home and giving your house the warmth, it needs. Here are the reasons why you need to invest in a composite door.


With the influx in cost of living, nobody wants to incur the additional cost of having to install another door after a few years of opening and closing. Out there in the market, there exists a wide range of doors made from different materials and are quite attractive but none of them stand the test of time as well as the composite door does. The unrivalled thickness of the composite door makes it strong enough to endure seasons and weather conditions like never seen before. Made by blending in several materials together, composite doors are very resilient to all variables present to knock down a door and render it useless.


The main reason why we all install doors is for security purposes. The thickness of the composite doors makes it extremely hard for anyone to force it open when locked. The composite door also comes with a state-of-the-art locking system pre-installed into the door for security purposes. With the installation of a composite door at the entrance of your house, you get a guarantee of a secure home and a safe haven to raise have a family and grow your wealth devoid of any worry.



No maintenance required

As you go about doing maintenance and repairs to your house, you will hardly need to do maintenance on your composite door. With its durability aspect, you only need a wet cloth to wipe off dust and stain off the door and you are good to go. The cost is hardly bearable too which is why you need to consider installing a composite door and save yourself a lot of trouble in terms of time and money to do door maintenance.

Variety of colours and designs

Composite door designers and manufacturers make it their business to feed the appetite of clients in terms of design patens and colours to choose from. There are innumerable showrooms around showcasing composite doors designs and styles that you can choose from. Their ease of construction also makes it possible to have your bespoke design in the event you do not like what is presented to you in the showroom. Any colour of your choice can also be used to create a complementary finish for your composite door.


There is nothing that could mess up the exterior look of your home than having a door that is beat and worn out. With a variety of colours and designs to choose from, composite doors allow you to customise the entranceway of your home by choosing the colour and design of your preference. One incredible factor of the composite door is that its exterior is not susceptible to aging anytime soon making it the perfect asset to install at your doorway to create a good first impression on upon arrival of your visitors.

Thermal efficiency

With all the installations made on the composite door, it can retain heat inside the housekeeping you and your loved ones warm all time. There is no additional need of installing an Air conditioning unit as cold has no leeway into and out of your house bringing bills down too. Composite Door specialists Protecta Garage Door & Windows  express “composite doors are energy efficient, helping your costly energy bills whilst reducing your carbon footprint”.

Timber like finish

Composite doors have a wood grain effect that runs through the whole design giving it that stunning timber look that makes everyone, including you the homeowner, believe that your door is made of wood.

It is quite evident that composite doors are the way to go when you are looking for something all round to installing at your doorway.