How Do You Fix a Broken Garage Door?

Garage doors often lead simple lives until they stop working the way they are designed to. Luckily, that simple function often makes for quite simple repairs.

Broken garage door springs

Garage door springs are designed to absorb most of the weight of your door, storing it as energy. When you open your garage door, the spring releases its energy and lifts the door. Eventually, garage springs will break, making a loud noise. When this happens, don’t try to open or close your garage door as there may still be tension in the spring. This could knock your garage door off its tracks and result in injuries when it snaps off. Contact a professional immediately to schedule a garage door repair service. Make sure you stay away from the garage until the door is fixed.


Noisy garage door

A noisy garage door causes a lot of problems. Luckily, you can fix most noisy garage doors with routine maintenance such as tightening the hardware and replacing several parts. If routine maintenance does not fix the noisy garage door, you may need to replace the door’s hinges. The rollers running in the track might need replacement as they can wear out after some time and start making noise when their bearing is not rolling smoothly.


Broken garage door cables

Garage door cables can break due to the stresses put on them when the springs break or as a result of normal wear and tear. If one of the cables breaks, one side of the garage door may sag and seem heavier. Additionally, you may notice your door is slightly angled or lower on one side when opening. If all the garage door cables break, your garage door won’t stay in place when you open it. Instead, the door will fall down immediately when you try to lift it up. This can be a serious safety hazard, so you should replace them.


Broken glass

Most people entertain and play activities in their gardens, this can lead to garage doors experiencing broken glass. It is crucial to repair glass swiftly because the broken glasses in your garage can be a security problem, a safety issue and an invitation for insects and birds to reside in. It is easy to replace a glass pane, the procedure is the same as for the replacement of glazing in your home.


Sticking garage door rollers

The rollers positioned on the sides of your garage door should always spin and turn. If the rollers are stuck and sliding, it can cause your garage door to detach from its tracks. In addition, stuck rollers can make opening or closing the garage door noisier. If your garage door detaches from its metal tracks in the closed or open position, you should leave it in place. Do not try to open or close your garage door as this could lead to the springs and cables breaking as well. If your garage door becomes noisy, replace the rollers and clean the tracks. Stuck rollers are often due to excess humidity and insufficient lubrication.


Frozen garage door

During the cold months, you need and acknowledge the convenience of closing or opening your garage door swiftly. Unfortunately, this is when cold and moisture can conspire and make this hard. Garage doors often freeze to the floor. Sometimes it’s a minor icy connection between your garage floor and door that can be broken by hitting the opener button.

However, if your garage door refuses to budge after the first attempt, stop banging on your automatic opener button as it could result in more serious problems. Instead, try other ways that can break the frozen part connecting the two. Once you get your door open, clear away snow, ice and water from the floor underneath your garage door to prevent future freezing.


Your garage door opens but refuses to close

Usually, this kind of problem is related to the sensors, safety devices designed to prevent your door from closing on objects or people in the doorway. If there is something in front of the lenses or they become dirty, they will prevent your garage door from closing. Make sure nothing is standing in the way of the garage door sensors. If your garage door still refuses to close, it may be time to contact a garage door repair professional.


The opener runs but your garage door does not move

When this happens, check to ensure the automatic door disconnect cord is not pulled by trying to manually open or close your garage door. If you can, you will have to reattach your garage door to the lift arm of the automatic opener. This problem can also occur when you lock your door. So check to ensure your garage door is unlocked.


The remote opener does not work

If the remote opener for your garage door is not working, try to use the switch inside your garage to open your door. If the garage door opens, this means that you need to replace the batteries in your remote. If the remote opener still does not work after you have replaced the batteries, you may have to replace it or re-sync with the opener.