Garden trends 2021 – Garden ideas and inspiration

The outside of your home is the first thing that people see, so, naturally, you want it to look as appealing as possible. This is easy to achieve by adding certain touches, like good-quality decking, garden furniture, statues, and of course, plenty of colour in the form of green lawns, shrubs, and plants, and plenty of colourful flowers. Installing composite decking outside is a great feature that creates an extra entertainment area during those hot summer months.

Following is some inspiration in the way of great garden ideas, as well as a few garden trends for 2021 to help you have a property that everyone will admire!


Composite Decking – what it is and how it can benefit your home

Composite decking boards are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. These decking boards are made from a mixture of plastic, wood fibres and a minimal amount of bonding substance. The result is a low-maintenance product, which is a great alternative to regular, wooden decking bards.

The fact that this material involves way less maintenance is, of course, one of its main benefits. Other benefits include:

• Increased durability
• Resistant to insects, rot, and moisture
• Will never crack or warp
• No stain or painting required
• Splinter-free
• With an added layer of plastic, become resistant to stains and fading
• Slip-resistant
• Lasts way longer than real wood
• Will look as good as new after many, many years• Affordable and comes with a guarantee

All the above benefits it provides, and the fact that it is significantly low-maintenance makes composite deck boards great value for money and an excellent investment for homeowners. Principality Plastic’s range of 5m Triton decking boards are particularly low-maintenance and weather-resistant, making them ideal for the unpredictable British climate.

You might want to consider making a few of the following changes to your garden. All of them are trends forecast for 2021, and all of them have the potential to make the exterior of your home look fantastic!!

Outdoor furniture

Until fairly recently, outdoor furniture consisted of a set of plastic tables and chairs. While these did serve their purpose, they did nothing at all to beautify the outdoor area of any home. These boring items have now been replaced with a huge variety of exterior furniture, specially designed for all weather conditions, to suit all tastes. Choose the right outdoor furniture for your home, and you will have an outdoor space that oozes appeal with a warm invitation to spend time outside.

Raised beds

Yet another garden trend for 2021, raised beds not only look stunning but offer a few extra benefits too. Having a garden involves plenty of planting, harvesting, and weeding, either while kneeling on the ground or bending over from a standing position. Raised beds eliminate these problems, whether you are planting seedlings, cutting flowers for a vase inside your home, or harvesting vegetables or herbs for your next meal!

What about garden accessories?

A garden wouldn’t be a garden without certain accessories, and in 2021, it’s the colours that matter the most! You can’t go wrong with greys and other bright, pastel colours and various hues of white for umbrellas, tables, benches, chairs, and the variety of plant pots you have in your garden.

Encourage wildlife to your garden

While society decides on what’s trendy or not, there is nothing at all that can be more beautiful and fashionable than nature, so do what it takes to encourage wildlife to your garden. Having a family or two of hedgehogs in your garden will keep them safe from the dangerous roads in your area and give you hours of pleasure as you watch them doing what hedgehogs do.


Do your bit for the planet and keep your garden chemical-free, by introducing insects that will get rid of the pests in your garden, naturally. Take ladybirds for instance, who thrive on those aphids that attack your plants relentlessly, or some nematodes, that love dining on weevil larvae!

Growing bee-friendly plants is another 2021 trend that many all over the world, hope will last forever. Bee habitats have, for the past few years, been threatened by man’s so-called progress so planting a few bee-friendly plants will become an absolute paradise for them! Apart from a variety of beautiful, colourful flowers, bees will also be drawn to a whole host of fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs, all of which can be obtained from your local nursery.

Health benefits of having a beautiful garden

Besides the 2021 garden trends mentioned above, there are also several ways in which having a beautiful garden can be beneficial to your health. It is an area where you can spend plenty of quality time with friends and family, which creates that feeling of utter happiness and contentment.

It is extremely therapeutic to take an hour or two to simply sit at the garden furniture on your composite decking and enjoy your beautiful plants and carefully chosen accessories. The creatures you encouraged into your garden have settled in nicely and are happy to call the area home. Sitting there, listening to the sounds of nature, will no doubt convince you that you have indeed created your little heaven on earth!