Reasons to Have a Cyber Essentials Certificate for Your Business

Are you wondering what a cyber essentials certificate is and how relevant it is for your business? Having your business data online or accessible on the web poses some risks to your business hence the need for protection through high-quality cybersecurity means. IT company Pisys express that “cyber crime is a real and a present threat to businesses of all sizes”. Launched in 2014, Cyber Essentials is an initiative by the UK government to adopt the best practices to safeguard their businesses and make the UK a safe business environment. Let’s explore more about the Cyber Essentials certificate.


Important Reasons to Acquire a Cyber Essentials Certificate

The UK government requires that every business gets the certificate. Here is why:


Adequately Audit the Business’ Internal Security

Whether your business is large or small, the fact that you use computers makes your business susceptible to cybercrimes. The Cyber Essentials certification process is a chance for you to audit the company’s IT security and operation. During this time, the service providers will perform extensive assessments from the firewall’s ideality, the endpoint’s safety, and passwords’ strength. They help you identify and solve the cybersecurity loopholes that could cost you a lot.


Portray Seriousness Concerning Cybersecurity

Clients can trust you more when they see the Cyber Essentials certificate on your website or page. It shows that you are serious about cybersecurity and safeguard their details as they access your website. Some of these details, such as medical records and financial information, are highly confidential and sensitive. It would be so unfortunate if such fine details fell into the hands of cybercriminals. With this certificate, customers feel at ease doing business with you as it is an assurance that your company complies with the required guidelines.


Protection From Common Threats

The Cyber Essentials sweep protects you from a wide range of online attacks in your business. Even when there’s no full-proof method to protect the company from cyber attacks, you experience an upper hand with the Cyber Essentials as you can mitigate the risk of such instances occurring. This is because it eliminates all the weaknesses available in your IT systems and platforms.

You Can Bid for Government Contracts

The UK government requires that all bidding for their contracts have a Cyber Essentials certificate. Since most of the procedures are online, everyone making an application must have a Cyber Essentials certificate. This section’s information or data may involve handling sensitive information or the provision of specific technical services. Before the approval or anyone, one needs to pass the Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus assessments. They cannot risk bringing just anyone on board.


Compliance with GDPR Rules

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is a set of rules and regulations that one must follow when in business in the UK. The rules are applicable across the EU, and non-compliance could result in hefty fines of up to 4% of the global turnover. In terms of reputation, refusal to comply can cause a data breach, hence crucial that you get certified to avoid these eventualities.


How to Get a Cyber Essentials Certificate

Acquiring certification for Cyber Essentials is an uncomplicated process. Let’s explore the steps involved.

First, you should visit the Cyber Essentials online site and choose your level of satisfaction. You can select the Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essential Plus option. Once you choose, you will receive login details for the member’s section on the site. You can complete your Cyber Essentials self-assessment questionnaire and send it for review by using BiP Solution, a reputable certification body. Answering the questions and filling out the required steps takes a few hours. For any questions during the filling process, you can contact them through the help buttons or submitting a questionnaire through the platform. After a while, IASME Consortium will post your certificate.

During the application process, understand that all communication is done through email. The site sends a confirmation message once you make the application. You will then receive a certificate to indicate compliance via email and any other answers that you may require.

The Cyber Essentials test covers different aspects such as the firewalls, user access controls, security configurations, malware protection, and patch management. All these aspects cover your entire business online and increase the safety and security of the clients, staff members, and business at large.

Cyber Essentials is a self-assessment test to show that your business is safe for everyone accessing the pages. The instructions are easy to follow, and after that, the certificate is sent to you via email. Whether your business is large and established or a start-up, you need to perform the Cyber Essentials for cybersecurity enhancement. Note that the certificate serves you for only a year and has to be renewed annually. Your business security stays up-to-date with Cyber Essentials certification.