Why you should invest in Motorised Blinds for your home

Window blinds are ideal for helping to regulate the interior temperature of your home throughout the year. In the summer they effectively reduce the increased levels of heat from the sun’s rays by providing some welcome shade. During the winter, window blinds add an extra layer of insulation. Most consumers tend to buy a traditional venetian blind or taped blind from a reputable online seller such as Get Blinds Online. However, manual window blinds rely on you being there to operate them. Making the most of your window dressing investment by installing versatile, motorised window blinds provides your home with increased practical convenience and a superbly stylish appearance.


Cost-Effective Efficiency


Motorised window blinds can actually contribute to a reduction in your household bills even when you’re not there to use them. Electrical appliances that are fitted with thermostats such as refrigerators or freezers and heating or air conditioning systems perform with greater efficiency in ambient temperatures. They can include sensors that detect the air temperature within your home prompting them to automatically open or close by varying degrees until your ideal level has been reached. There are also timers that allow you to customise the operational settings of your window blinds to suit your daily routine. They are cost-effective to run using energy-efficient wireless power or low consumption batteries that provide reliable extended use.


Versatile Control


Controlling your blinds is versatile and convenient. There are several options including manual wall switches, programmable timers and sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and automated voice command through devices such as Google’s Alexa. You can choose to have the total freedom of remote capability which allows you to operate your blinds through a downloadable app on your smartphone whether you are relaxing in your own home or stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway.


Extended Life for Furnishings


The sun’s rays are powerful enough to make your interior d├ęcor quickly lose its stylish appearance. The colours of upholstery fabrics and carpets lose their vibrancy through exposure to the sun. The polished surfaces of wood crack and blister, wallpaper, photographs and art work fade and even house plants become scorched on their leaves. Electrical equipment such as televisions and computers can also be sensitive to the heat of the sun. Motorised blinds that operate automatically will shield your furnishings and possessions from sun damage even when you’re not at home.


Safe and Secure


There have been many tragic incidents where children or pets have become entangled in the long cords of manual blinds while playing resulting in them choking to death. Motorised window blinds that rely on electronic power are not fitted with unnecessary cords and provide the perfect solution to safe window dressings particularly in the nursery or playroom. The security of your home is also increased when you install motorised window blinds. By using customisable settings or issuing instructions through your smartphone you can maintain the privacy of your home even when you are on holiday.


Convenient to use


Motorised window blinds are a convenient choice in any location within your home. With manual versions, the pulling action is irregular and jerky often resulting in the cords becoming stuck or entangled. The slats of Venetian or vertical blinds can collide leaving them out of alignment. This is particularly troublesome with blinds fitted into high window frames or in the overhead glazing of lofts, extensions or conservatories as you have to climb a stepladder to straighten the slats. The mechanism on motorised window blinds is balanced and continuously smooth-running to leave them in perfect condition every time they are opened or closed.


Sophisticated Style


There is an extensive range of styles and materials to choose from including customised, made-to-measure motorised window blinds to give your home that perfect finishing touch. There are Venetian blinds with horizontal slats, blinds with vertical slats, pleated Roman blinds or the simplicity of roller blinds. Materials include colourful cottons in contemporary or traditional designs which can have coated surfaces to withstand the steam of kitchens or bathrooms. Horizontal or vertical slats are available in sophisticated designs of fabric, aluminium or environmentally-friendly wood.


Easy Installation


When investing in versatile, motorised window blinds you can opt for DIY installation or use the services of experienced fitters, such as Shade It All in the UK. They can be quickly and inexpensively installed into any size or design of window frame including multi-panelled circular bays, sloping conservatories and large expanses of glazing that covers a whole wall.