Benefits of CCTV Cameras at Home

A closed-circuit television system, also known as CCTV, utilises video cameras in monitoring the exterior and interior of a property with the transmission of signals to a monitor. The system records videos and images that are stored for future use.

Decades back, the home surveillance system as a security measure was not popular and was viewed as an expensive and drastic venture for commercial use. Recent years have seen more people switch to home CCTVs as they became more accessible and affordable. Advancements in technology have led to sophisticated CCTV systems at reduced costs.

The need for residential surveillance cameras has risen tremendously as people learn the benefits of installing the system in their homes and embracing it. Easy Security Systems in Cardiff sell a wide range of CCTV products. Apart from possessing real-time feed on your property, their technology is easy to use and maintain. Home surveillance is an effective form of security and a smart move. The article has highlighted the benefits of installing a home CCTV.

domestic cctv

Peace of Mind

Installing home CCTVs provides peace of mind to your family with the assurance that your security has been advanced. Home CCTV comes in handy, especially when on holiday or away from your home for a period. You get to monitor your property while on vacation.

Surveillance cameras can also be set up on blind spots around the property to give visual access. You can also see who is at your gate or front door without getting to answer the door. This is ideal especially for the elderly and other vulnerable groups. You can relax while keeping an eye on your property for potential break-ins. CCTV gives the community confidence in knowing kids are safe in the outdoors.

Reduced Insurance Costs

CCTV system installation in your home reduces insurance premiums and costs depending on your insurance policy. Installing the cameras adds extra security to your home therefore insurance costs decrease as it has a huge impact. The endeavour will save you money in the long run. It reduces the likelihood of the property being vandalized.

Normally you make an insurance claim after a burglary or vandalism. You provide the security footage of the incident to validate your claim. Home security leads to discounts on insurance costs.

Visual Crime Deterrent

CCTV systems show the biggest crime deterrent effect for an organised or pre-planned crime. Burglars target easy break-ins and get deterred when there is a security system in place. Burglars see homes with such security measures as highly protected and do not target them. Do not rely on dummy cameras as seasoned burglars know how to spot them.

Aid in Investigations as an Evidence Source

CCTV footage can be used to identify criminals and aid a criminal investigation. Offenders can then be identified, caught, and put to justice using the evidence. This helps prevent the occurrence of future crimes and retrieve lost items.

Remotely Monitor your Home

Remote monitoring of your property is a major benefit of CCTV system installation. You can access footage from anywhere and monitor your home from a mobile phone, a tablet, or a desktop. You can monitor activities around your home from anywhere in the world. Visual access to blind spots can be monitored. This provides great peace of mind.

CCTV Cameras are Reliable

Surveillance cameras are very reliable as you don’t have to get off work in fear of your home’s safety. The cameras work around the clock and you can view what activities took place in your absence. You can monitor your home with real-time footage on your phone while at work.


CCTV cameras are extremely cost-effective since you cannot put a price on the safety of your loved ones. CCTV systems are nowadays accessible and affordable with options for all budgets. Security firms design and install CCTV systems that are suited for your individual preference. You can use apps to live-stream footage and get notified via email and text. The cameras can be used for years to secure your home just ensure you clean them.

Easy Maintenance

CCTV systems are very easy to maintain once you have installed CCTV cameras they help monitor and protect your family and home for many years. They just require occasional cleaning.

Check on Pets

CCTV is also very ideal for checking on pets when you’re not at home. Pets play a big role in people’s lives and it is expensive to hire help for them. Surveillance cameras allow you to monitor your pets from work.