How to Secure your Home Without Spending a Fortune

Home security


We may not be rich or have a fortune in our homes but we got families and homes we want to keep safe. Here are some ways to keep your home and loved ones secure without spending much.





Buy your Doors a Deadbolt.

Statistics show that 34% of intruders enter homes through the front door while an additional 22% enter through the back door; this is disturbing, to know that the intruder merely walked into your home. It is thus important that your doors come first when it comes to home security. Installing deadbolts is an easy and cost-effective way to improve your home security. Invest in a quality deadbolt it is fair in price also ensure that you make use of it all the time, whether you are in or not.

Use Curtains or Blinds.

Burglars will first survey for valuable goods before they can break in. if they cannot see inside they will not know what goods you have and may consider the risk not worthwhile. Installing blinds or curtains will prevent the burglar from seeing inside your home thus increasing the chances that he will go on to the next victim.

Ensure you Remember to Lock Up.

Installing the best locks on your doors cannot protect your home if they are not used. It is of importance that you make sure to always lock up. This includes your doors, windows and the garage and both when you are in and when you are not. It may seem alright to leave the door unlocked when you are at home but it’s not, an intruder could easily get in without your notice especially when you take a nap. If you require any advice with which locks are the best locksmiths of Cardiff have a good guide on lock types.

Eliminate Possible Hiding Places.

Ensure that your home does not provide hiding spots for potential burglars. Large bushes and trees that may be surrounding your home should be trimmed or cut down. Thorny plants can also help deter burglars you can have those near windows, doors or at the edge of your home. Make sure they are well maintained and do not overgrow to present a hiding spot. This does not have to cost you anything you can spend a weekend and it will be enough.

Invest in a Garage Timer.

The garage is one place where you can easily forget to lock, a garage timer will come in handy it is a piece of equipment that will automatically lock the door after a preset period of time. This way you can be sure that your garage door is locked. You don’t need to worry it is not expensive with a price of around $40. It also has a manual override in case you need the garage door to remain unlocked.

Install Dummy Cameras.

Statistics show that burglars are less likely to break in a home with surveillance equipment such as cameras. This equipment can cost you a fortune to buy and install however, dummy cameras are not expensive and will trick the burglar into thinking that your home is being monitored.

Make your routine unpredictable.

Burglars study their victims’ routine to know the opportune time to strike. Make your routine unpredictable, small changes here and there could be all you need, leaving for work at different times of the day and varying the time spent when running errands. Adjusting your schedule will make it hard for the burglar to understand your movements and thus making it hard for him to strike.

There is definitely not guaranteed that burglars will not break into your home but these are things you can do to minimize the chances of being a victim of burglary even with a small budget or none at all.