Glass Extension Ideas You Need to Try

Glass Extension Ideas You Need to Try

glass extension ideas
Installing a glass extension in your home can have a lot of benefits, such as it saves energy, allows natural light to flow in, gives your home a new look, and connects your home with the outdoors. If you have a plan of transforming your home, adding glass extensions will be an excellent idea.
However, you need to consider some factors before installing one, like the budget and the design. You also need to have ideas of where you need to introduce space and natural light in your house. This article will provide you with unique ideas of how to design your home with glass extensions.

The Best Glass Extension Ideas

Glass Kitchen Extension

One place you can consider adding a glass extension is in your kitchen. This will create a great open feel which will allow you to welcome the outside environment. It also provides more space for a family room, whereby you can spend time together and relax.

Make a Glass Corridor

Instead of having walls on both sides, you can use a glass extension to connect two houses. This brings in more natural light and provides more space that can be used for relaxing or storing items. You can also decorate your corridor glass extension with a simple garden to transform the look of your home.

Glass Roofs

You can install glass roofs to open up the sky. This means that you can always enjoy viewing the sky while inside your home. This idea is always suitable for the kitchen or the living room. It is a unique idea that will provide a calming effect to your home. With this idea, you can be creative and add some technology that will allow you to open up the glass ceiling to let in some fresh air.

A Basement Glass Extension

The good thing about glass extensions is that they can bring light to almost anywhere around the house. Instead of having a gloomy room, you can install a glass extension on the floor to light up your basement naturally.

Stylish Side Glass Extension

You do not necessarily have to use plain glass material to make your home elegant. You can mix materials so long as enough light flows in the room. For example, you can install glass slide doors and flat roof windows. This makes a room feel bigger and brighter. Side glass extensions will be an excellent idea for the dining area and kitchen.

Modern Glass Garden Room

If you are a fan of gardening, you can create a garden room using a glass box extension. This will allow you to view your garden while outside, and it will also enable the plants to grow naturally. Just ensure the room is well ventilated so that the plants do not suffocate and die.

Extend Your Living Room

Adding Glass box extensions is one way you can add space and improve your living room. If you have many gadgets and furniture in your living room, you can transfer some to the glass room. This will allow you to move freely around your house. Remember, you can also use this room as a sunroom but choose a good glass material to avoid overheating during the summer. Also, install large doors for ventilation.

Curved Glass Extension

If you enjoy the modern glass addition, this can be a brilliant idea for your kitchen. It allows you to view the outside from all angles and floods your home with natural light. It also means you won’t lose the outdoor view, especially if your curved glass extension is extended to the top floor. To make the room more elegant, add some big circular lights and mix with other materials to have a unique style.

Create a Home Office

If your love to work from home, you should consider building a bright home office using glass extensions in one corner of your home. Choose a perfect spot where you will enjoy working from, it should be quiet, and most importantly, the environment outside should be conducive so that you can always have a better view of the outside environment.
You can also create a door that leads to your garden or install glass walls and a roof with no doors. Lastly, ensure you regulate the amount of light entering the room to work comfortably.

Install a Double Extension

You can build a two-storey extension that opens up to your garden. It can serve as one large window that will allow you to view the outside while you are down or upstairs. The two-storey extension also transforms the look of both the upper and the downer room. It is always great for tiny homes and allows you to add an extra room or expand the living space. This design gives your home a unique and dramatic look. You should also add zinc cladding and aluminium-framed glazing for zero maintenance.

Get a Glass Staircase

Also, a glass staircase can improve the look and feel of your home, but before installing it, check at the minimum thickness or ask for professional advice. You can install the glass material on the handrails or the steps. Remember, you can always mix materials to make it even more attractive. You can also create a glass wall staircase to form a small corridor inside your home. Many modern homes have used this design, and it is working perfectly well.

There are many glass extension ideas to try. All you have to do is locate a place in your home where you would like to increase the space or allow natural light in, and you are good to go. The thing is, glass extensions can be used almost anywhere around the house, but always get professional help before proceeding.