8 Design Ideas For Small City Apartments

1. Consider Fitting a Mini Kitchen

When it comes to small city apartments, you do not have the luxury to create large kitchens. All your efforts should be towards ensuring maximum use of space, and you can quickly achieve this through a freestanding and ultra-cheap kitchen. When you have limited space, fitting an open space kitchen in your apartment would be a practical solution. Some mini-kitchens have movable counter tops, and when not in use, they can be put aside to create more living space.

2. Buy Smart Extendable Furniture.

For many people who live in small city apartments, it is always a predicament when they have visitors in their homes. This is because they still have limited furniture that can only accommodate a limited number of visitors. You can address this problem by buying smart extendable furniture for use when your visitors come over. There is numerous stylish expandable furniture that you can purchase for your home and make your home more welcoming and friendly to visitors.

3. Use bespoke furniture

For people living in small city apartments, space is always a big issue, and they are always looking for ways to optimize their space. You can beat this by ensuring that you purchase and utilize bespoke furniture. They will help you create extra storage compartments in your house that you can use to store small items that you do not use regularly. Some of this furniture may include built-in cabinets, high ceilings and shelves. You can use them to utilize the vertical space in your home.

4. Consider Using Bright Colours.

If you live in small city apartments, you should always paint your home with bright colours as they help create a sense of openness. Bright colors will make your tiny apartment look spacious and more welcoming without creating a feeling of compactness. 

If you are renting and can’t paint your walls, utilize colourful crockery, such as Nador tableware, as a means of adding some flare to your home.

5. Utilise the Natural Light

When it comes to small city apartments, they are often congested. Without proper lighting, your home could appear stuffy and unappealing. Besides illuminating and making a room appear bigger, scientific evidence suggests that adequate light can also boost an individual’s mood and ensure their well-being. New architectural and interior designs focus on the use of natural light, something that you could also consider utilising. Look for innovative ways to utilize natural lightings to create modern and effective interior designs for your house. This will make them feel more spacious and welcoming.

6. Consider Using Glass Partitioning.

If you live in a tiny apartment, you should look for innovative ways to ensure that your home appears larger and more spacious than it is. You can achieve this by avoiding solid walls and replacing them with glass partitioning. You can partition your bathroom and kitchen using glass. This could also help you create a connection between your toilet, living space, and cooking area. The result will be a perception that you are living big in a tiny apartment. If you have a backyard, you should consider installing patio doors to connect your kitchen to the garden space. This will connect the outside area with the interior space, thus creating a perception that you have a spacious kitchen.

7. Use a Bed in a Box

Living in a less spacious apartment requires that you ensure maximum utilisation of space. Today, you will find architectural bed designs that will ensure you get more than just a sleeping space from them. Having a bed in a box, for instance, will allow you to have a wardrobe, shelves, deep storage, and extra sleeping space.


The above are ideas that you can utilise to ensure that you live big in a small city apartment. The primary purpose of providing you with these ideas is to ensure you live comfortably even in small flats by adopting an innovative use of the available space. To make any design work in a small space, always look for ways to store your items without congesting your house.