How to get the best deals for a new boiler

Investing in a new boiler can be a difficult process. You don’t want to pay too much but you also need to ensure that you choose the right product for your property. When it comes to replacing your old boiler, you need to ask yourself some key questions. What size should I get? How much will this cost me? Do I need certain features? How can I save some money?

Confidently making your decision is always the hardest part of purchasing a new appliance. In this article you’ll discover tried and tested methods to find incredible deals on the perfect boiler for your home and budget.


1. Make sure you know exactly what you need

When you’re in the process of buying a new boiler, you need to decide what your requirements actually are. Many people only ask themselves whether they can afford it and what size will be best for them; but this is not enough information.

If you don’t know how much heating capacity you need then you can end up spending more than is necessary. Or, you could be buying something that’s too small and inefficient for your needs

Size does matter when it comes to finding a new boiler; but there are other factors too. You should research the demands of heating your property and ensure that you match these with the necessary specs of the solution that you choose. For example, if your home requires a higher output solution because of its large size, this will obviously cost more as you consume more energy.

Selecting a boiler that can appropriately heat your size property will give you the best long-time financial savings.


2. Consider which features you actually need

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re investing in a new boiler is getting swayed by extra bells and whistles. You need to consider what you actually require from your product.

Sometimes any additional features are entirely unnecessary for your home and merely increase the price. This may include WIFI connectivity or multiple room heating options. These are great if you need them but they’re not necessary to consider when selecting your solution.

If your requirements are met with boiler that has fewer fancy extras, focus on this one! Lowering the price is an excellent way to save some money if it doesn’t impact on optimising performance or general quality.

However, if the system is equipped with eco-efficient modes or energy saving settings then investing in a more expensive model may offer returns in the long term with lower energy bills. On the other hand, a cheaper boiler might seem affordable at the time but may operate inefficiently, costing you more in the long run.


3. Seek out discounts

When you’re buying a new boiler, there are often some great deals to be found. For example, many manufacturers offer cashback deals or other incentives to make their products seem more attractive to consumers.

It might even be possible to get an extended warranty when you buy your boiler. This will save you money in the long term by offering support and assistance with repairs should something go wrong.

The best way to find these deals is by getting online and doing some research into the market. Look out for what each manufacturer offers. Consider whether it’s worth investing in one that provides additional bonuses. Will they save you some money down the line?


4. Compare costs

When you’re looking for the best deals on boilers, it’s always wise to compare prices. You can find different quotes online or speak with someone in person. There are plenty of options available to you and finding the cheapest price is important if you want to save some money.

Of course, not all quotes will be legitimate as there have been many warnings issued about boiler scams. However, you should still be wary about being scammed as some people have been duped into paying a deposit for a new boiler only to never hear from the seller again! In order to avoid this simply do your research and look up reviews before arranging anything regarding your purchase.


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