What to look for when buying a shepherds hut

As people are looking for more space to relax, work, or entertain themselves, shepherds huts have become perennially popular. They have a wide range of purposes ranging from a garden office, tiny home to a luxury retreat. For campsite owners looking to widen their offering, provide extra living space for a property as well as increase the value of property these huts are a great option. Regardless of their use, it is key that these huts be of top-notch quality and have the necessary components. Which include the hut’s insulation components, size and interior features. This guide contains the essential attributes that a hut must possess as well as considerations for you to keep in mind when choosing a hut. For examples of professional build shepherds huts see  The shepherds hut company for more details.

Shepherds Hut Interior

Depending on the usage of the hut will largely determine its interior. If you are using the hut for a glamping staycation such as a B&B retreat or luxury retreat, a TV, bed, shower room and kitchen are essential for the room, while if the hut is used as a garden office then a desk and office chair will be required. Some users want to use their huts for more complex purposes such as spas, thus the hut needs to comprise of specialist equipment therefore you can have a custom-made hut built for you. You also choose the type of flooring you want in your hut and some of the popular choices include re-claimed oak floorboards and well made laminate flooring. To spruce up your hut and give it a homely feel will include adding other accessories such as smaller furnishings, curtains, cushions and even the wallpaper.

Shepherd’s Hut Chassis

When purchasing your hut the chassis is a key element to consider. To help with preserving the hut’s condition as well as make transporting less of a hustle (which is great if you need to relocate in the future). To help with moving the hut are cast-iron wheels that can help with moving the hut around using a 4 by 4 or a small tractor. Steel chassis is highly recommended though some huts are made on wooden frames that are likely to swell, twist and are prone to attacks by insects. Steel chassis help to increase the longevity of the hut, are much sturdier and are not affected by the weather.

Shepherds Hut Insulation

During summer the hut can become too hot or too cold in winter thus the need for an effective insulation system. Some of the efficient methods of insulation used include underfloor heating and double glazed hardwood windows, which makes the hut to be used throughout the year. Also, traditional wood-burning stoves or cast iron radiators are other efficient methods to regulate the heat inside your hut. A more modernized temperature control method is a temperature control thermostat, it provides an easy and efficient way to control your hut’s temperature thus ensuring it maintains a comfortable temperature. Some manufacturers use a more traditional method that is thermal fleece sheep’s wool which is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material to regulate the temperatures in a hut.

Shepherd’s Hut Planning Permission

Before purchasing a hut it is recommended for you to contact your local planning office to find out if you need permission or not. This will help prevent future legal feuds with your local authorities that might end up being costly for you. Depending on where you live some people require planning permission while others don’t. For most cases, if you plan to place your hut in your garden and use it for private purposes, planning permission is not required and this makes them an alternative for an extension. Conversely, if you plan on using your hut for rental purposes, holiday accommodation or any other business-related purposes then you will need planning permission. This will ensure that you comply with various rules and regulations as well as pay taxes to your local authorities.

Size of Hut

Shepherd’s hut can come in a wide variety of sizes while others are built to meet the specific requirements. A small sized hut is easier to move and cheaper when compared to a larger hut. This does not mean that larger huts do not have their benefits which include they give you more space and functionality. The size of a shepherd hut is measured in feet and it depends on its height, width and length. A 20ft shepherd’s hut is suitable for campsite owners since it comes with all the required living necessities while for a person who works from home they might be more inclined into a 14ft hut which can be used as a home office.

Environmental Impact

An environmentally friendly shepherds hut is one designed with principles that are both good to man and the planet. Before purchasing a hut it is worth asking questions about the manufacturing process and materials used, this will ascertain to the manufacturer that you are aware of the impact a hut can have on the environment. For a more environmentally shepherds hut purchase the one that runs to low waste and energy consumption principles. Also, ensure the materials used such as sheets and timber are certified by the required bodies. By so doing you will purchase a hut that is environmentally friendly and has a positive impact on the environment.

Final Thoughts

Shepherd huts come in different designs, sizes and can be specifically built to meet your requirements and specifications. It is up to you to find a company that is reputable and has a track record for you to get high-quality shepherd huts. There is a rise in the use of shepherd huts as more people are using them for glamping staycations such as Airbnb generating income for them while others want them as a handy bolthole for their family. Whichever the use these huts are handy and are great to enjoy too.