What is Workplace Consultancy?

Data-driven insights prove that positive, inspiring, and creative workspaces encourage productivity in your existing workforce and attract and invite new talent. Offering a workspace that accounts for your worker’s needs encourages retention and progression in terms of productivity and success. 

Without introducing new solutions to your current office environment, you may have noticed that your team aren’t producing their highest level of work. You might question the financial legitimacy of an office that doesn’t offer an adequate flow of work and a positive environment. Your employees might be frustrated or unsatisfied with the current design, floorplan or accessibility of their workspace.

If these are concepts you have found yourself questioning, you might require the services of a workplace consultant. Offering expertise in the impacts of workspaces on productivity and employee engagement, you could gain insights and actionable suggestions to create the most successful solution for your workspace. 

What is Workplace Consultancy?

Workplace ConsultancyWorkspace consultancy is the practice of analysing and understanding a workspace and how it touches every aspect of your business. A workplace consultant will complete a comprehensive evaluation of how your team utilises the space and provide solutions to maximise employee satisfaction and productivity.

Without realising it, the workplace can define the engagement and inspiration of employees across all industries. Without prioritising your staff in the space they are working, you fail to encourage them at the base level. 

Workplace consultancy aims to create the most engaging and productive space for you and your workforce. Considering the space requirements, budget, alternative ways of working, workflows, use of meeting rooms and collaboration space, a professional workplace consultant can provide solutions that suit the needs of the business and generate benefits for all staff members.

How Does the Consultancy Process Work?

Professional workplace consultants take a holistic approach to generating actionable solutions for your office. Data-driven reports provide reason and support for the suggestions for renovations or relocations. 


Determining the current functionality of an existing workspace is the core goal of a workplace consultant during the early stages of the process. 

1-1 interviews with upper levels of management will ascertain budget restrictions, floorplan requirements and resource organisation of a particular space. 

A workplace consultant may also review employee surveys and workshops to gather opinions of the current workspace and the team’s likes and dislikes.


With a culmination of data, a workplace consultant will analyse the current situation to generate actionable recommendations. The everyday use of the workspace and the needs and desires of upper management and the central workforce are used to inspire action and assess the cost and feasibility of such projects. 


Upon evaluating the gathered data, a comprehensive investigation report is presented to the client. Using this document, workplace consultants can demonstrate proposed floorplans, room functions, renovations and costs with specific intent. 

Your consultant will present direct solutions with data-backed evidence of the uncovered problems during the evaluation and analysis stages of the consultancy. 


With permission granted by the client, the suggested changes can be implemented as outlined within the proposal. A high-quality workplace consultancy firm will ensure the highest quality resources, technology, furniture and craftmanship are sourced to create exceptional and cost-effective solutions.

Before letting your team settle into their new work environment, a good workplace consultant will implement change management techniques to introduce and acclimatise your workforce into their new workspace. This will include directing staff to the changes for productivity and satisfaction so that your team can make adjustments to their routine without disruption. 

How Do you Know if you Need a Workplace Consultant?

Without putting much thought into it, you might think the way your office currently works is suitable for your particular business. However, after asking yourself some questions about your workspace’s efficiency and effectiveness, you might realise it’s time for a change. 

Put yourself in the shoes of one of your employees. Do they have quick and easy access to everything they need to complete their job to the best of their ability? This is just the base level of what you should provide to get the most out of your employees. Are the processes, collaboration spaces and break spaces available, functional and meeting their needs?

Your workspace consultant won’t tell you that a change needs to be made to make your office look better. Their solutions are data-driven by your employees’ opinions and the expectations you set in your early consultation phases. 

How to Find an Excellent Workplace Consultant

When working with a workplace consultant, changes to your workplace don’t have to be made from the outset. An experienced professional will ease you into the process by providing your options as well as the costs and deadlines that you should expect. 

Synergy Workplace Designers create agile spaces that encourage staff to be happier and inspired in their work. Every business operates differently. That’s why, no matter your budget, preferences or expectations, Synergy Workplace Designers will work in close collaboration with you to devise a solution that offers the results you are looking for. 

If you are interested in an introductory consultation to discuss their services further, visit the website to contact the team today.