Why Welsh slate signs are increasing in popularity

Welsh Slate Signs

In recent years the popularity of welsh slate for use as house signs has increased which can be arbitrated to a number of factors.

Slate signs blend well with the natural environment and are durable when compared to other sign materials such as plastic and metal. Slate signs are made with great expertise and have also been enhanced by technological advancements.

The use of laser techniques ensures minimal mistakes hence the stylish and unique nature of the slate signs. The slate signs look good and are very appealing in very many settings not withstanding where they are placed; attached to a brick or wood work. One of the leading Welsh slate sign producers is Slate and Marble who are based in Wales, but export signs around the world.

Welsh slate

The Welsh slate is recognized as the finest in the world and is of very high quality. The slate in Wales was first extracted in the ancient Roman times on small scale with some of it exported to England and Scotland.

Welsh slate quality is highly recognised since it has very minimal impurities and grain like structure. Its colour is pleasant hence used in making a variety of products such as; table ware, wine racks, placemats and slate signs. Wales experiences average heat and pressure and its soil constitution majorly comprises of the clay soil, this results in the fine quality slate.

Some of the reasons that explain the increase in popularity of Welsh Slate signs include;

It does not require much maintenance

The Welsh slate signs when used outdoor cannot easily feel the effects of increased temperatures. The slate is proven to be chemically inert and above all non-combustible. This means that hence it is put in place, it does not require any sealing or form of maintenance to reduce the effects of direct sun rays if it is exposed. The slate signs are also stainless and do not smell when soaked or rained on. This minimises the maintenance costs since minimal needs to be done. Although if there is need to have a shinier appearance or add fragrance by sealing it can be done.

They are highly durable

The Welsh slate can be used both indoor and outdoor unlimited due to its characteristics and quality. Besides looking appealing the Welsh slate signs are very durable since they are water prof and do not get affected by environmental changes of weather such as increased temperatures.

This ensures the signs made from the slate are not easily destroyed naturally. The material is not only proven to be highly compressible but also very strong, this is where the toughness is derived hence can last even longer in strenuous or extreme conditions.

They can be recycled if need arises

In the modern world, nothing is left to waste especially precious material or even the Welsh slate products. In case of any breakage or accidents, the slate sign can be recycled back to form the similar product or even the pieces recycled can make another product. Although slate recycling is not very costly as such hence it is encouraging to use them to make signs as any breakage won’t be such a big deal.

If you want a good looking and durable sign for your property then Welsh slate is a good option.