What Are The Health Benefits Of Tribestan?

What is Tribestan?

The Bulgarian Tribulus extract known as Tribestan is a herbal medicine that was launched commercially in the ’70s. It is a patented product that has 30 years of research. It is produced from the small leafy plant called Tribulus Terrestris that grows in many areas of the world that have a dry climate where other plants struggle to survive. This plant sometimes called caltrop or goats head produces a flower and a fruit that is covered with sharp spines. Extracts from the root leaf and fruit of this plant are all used in natural medicines. The extracts and the medication have been used since ancient times and are reputed to have many health benefits. Some benefits have been verified and others still need a clinical investigation.

Blood sugar and cholesterol

This medication can help control blood sugar and cholesterol making it an important product for those that have diabetes. A study undertaken by administering 1000 mg per day to 98 women with type 2 diabetes did show a positive effect in that their sugar and cholesterol levels were lower than those who were given a placebo.


In its marketing, we often see claims that Tribestan is a product that will increase the levels of testosterone. Leading supplier of this product Tribestan Worldwide explains that the extract contains affluent amounts of protodioscin, which is the active ingredient, a substance that facilitates the body’s functions to increase testosterone levels.


It has been suggested that Tribestan is an effective product to increase the sex drive of both men and women who suffer from a reduced Libido. Research was undertaken and the tests seemed positiv. It is believed to enhance androgen receptor density in the brain, which may enhance the libido. Although it would appear to have a positive effect on Libido tests to show its effects on male erectile dysfunction produced mixed results although a higher dosage did prove more effective.

Performance enhancement

Many people search for a natural product that can enhance physical performance, especially for exercise. These products are believed to increase muscle and help to reduce fat.

Diuretic Effect

Tribestan has been shown to influence the flow of urine. This increased flow helps to keep the bladder liver and urinary tract clean and helps to prevent the build-up of toxins in the urinary system. This is particularly useful for women who can often be prone to sorrows stones and urinary infections.

Immune system

There have been several studies involving rats to assess the effect of Tribestan on the immune system. There is evidence that the activity of the immune system did increase when they were exposed to the supplement, but the increased activity was not clear in human trials.


Depression affects the ability of people to conduct a normal life, it affects the mood and produces anxiety. Since it is a neuropsychiatric disorder it is often difficult to diagnose and to treat effectively. By inducing depression in rat’s antioxidant levels and the reduced activity was quantified in rats treated with traditional anti-depressants compared to those treated with Tribestan. There was evidence that the rats treated with Tribestan displayed signs of reducing depression equal to that of those treated with the traditional product.


Several active ingredients are extracted from the Tribulus to prepare Tribestan. It is the ribulusamide D that has an anti-inflammatory effect. This ingredient changes the inflammatory mediators and cytokines that create the inflammation. It can, therefore, be shown that a compound within Tribestan has the potential be an effective treatment for inflammation.

Pain relief

There is an anti-inflammatory effect shown by using this remedy follows that in certain instances where pain is being created by inflammation that the pain should also be eased by taking increased doses of the medication. This has been shown to influence Rats in experiments but has not been shown conclusively for people.

Cancer treatment

The aponins within Tribulus have been shown to be effective in the treatment of certain cancers within animals. It has a positive effect on breast and some UVB-induced carcinogenesis by reducing the tumour size and incidence. However, due to hormonal properties, it did not prove effective against prostate cancer and sufferers are recommended to avoid it. At this time tests have only been made on animals and not humans. It is possible that when evaluated it may have a positive effect.