What to Expect From Wholesale Vintage Clothing in 2024

Woman looking through rack of wholesale vintage clothing.


With the start of each new year comes an exciting opportunity to look back at the year’s fashion and speculate on trends to come. Some huge cultural events shaped 2023’s fashion styles and trends, and 2024 is set to shake things up once again. Wholesale vintage clothing is a great way to get fashionable items, so visit a vintage wholesale store to emulate the iconic looks of the year to come.

Vintage Clothing Trends This Year

Last year, the fashion industry gave us a glimpse at what’s to come in 2024. From ‘femme fatale’ looks to 80s power dressing, there’s a lot to look forward to and this article has you covered.

Return of the 80s

Fashionable woman in bright yellow suit and black hat against a purple background.
80s power dressing and bright colours set to make a comeback.

Power Dressing

It’s back to the future for 80s power dressing, blending work-ready structured suits with pops of colour and sculptural textures. These looks are fit for the office or the runway and are coming back with a bang.

Vibrant Colours

Elegant statement colours will be the theme of this 80s resurgence, in bright pinks, greens and reds. Quality fabrics will be used to accentuate these colours and make anyone dressing this way simply unmissable.

Trench Coats and Bomber Jackets

Trench coats and bomber jackets are set to make a huge return this year. Structured shoulders are in, and for the men that means trenches and bombers to give themselves that broad-shouldered look.

Stylish man wearing an old-school leather bomber jacket.
Leather jackets and structured shoulders are back in style.

1950s Women’s Fashion

Ultra-Feminine Style

The ultra-feminine style of the 1950s has been growing in popularity over the last few years but is set to make a decisive return in 2024. This means cinched waists, hourglass silhouettes and vibrant fabrics are set to take the world by storm.

The success of TV shows such as The Crown, Fargo and The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel in recent years display the public appetite for 1950s fashion.

Vintage Floral Dresses

In line with the return to 1950s fashion, floral patterns will be the new latest thing. This is perhaps the easiest 2024 trend to emulate, given how many gorgeous floral dresses are available through vintage wholesalers.

Nowadays it is even possible to make bulk online orders of a particular product like vintage dresses through a vintage wholesale company.

Barbiecore Takes Over

Woman dressed in all pink vintage clothing in front of a pink beach hut.
Barbiecore is in in 2024.

The Barbie Effect

The Barbie Movie was arguably one of the biggest cultural events of 2023. Excitement built around the world for its theatrical release and, ever since, Barbiecore is taking over. Bright pink fabrics and prints will undoubtedly be sold en masse as brands embrace this cultural phenomenon.

Taking part in this fashion trend does not have to cost you a pay check, however. There are a swathe of bold pink T shirts and other items available to buy from a vintage wholesaler. Check your local wholesale vintage clothing store for Barbie-related products to join in on the trend.

Barbenheimer Black

Barbie’s release happened alongside the release of Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s gritty film about the man who invented the atom bomb.

Barbenheimer quickly trended on Instagram when it was announced the films would release on the same date. These films could not be under more different categories but the muted tones of Oppenheimer, paired with the success of shows like Wednesday on Netflix caused the return of emo and goth fashion in 2023.

High-contrast black and white outfits paired with dark make-up quickly rose in popularity alongside femme fatale looks. Both of these are set to live on in 2024.

Branded Tees and Hoodies

Household Names Remain Popular

Products from big-name brands such as Adidas, Nike and North Face are set to remain ever-popular this year. Thankfully quality branded T shirts and Hoodies are available to buy in bulk from vintage wholesale sellers in the UK.

You can order different sizes of bundles from vintage wholesale retailers which will likely include a stock of grade A vintage clothing from popular brands. Visit a wholesale vintage clothing company in person to browse bulk stock of high-quality vintage garments.

Layers on Layers

Layering vintage clothing is set to be a pronounced style choice for men and women alike. Items such as overshirts, jackets and sweaters will be cemented in this year’s style. UK vintage clothing sellers source bundles from suppliers all over the world to offer the best stock of grade A items.

Why You Should Use Wholesale Vintage Clothing in 2024

There are so many reasons you should shop with a vintage wholesale company this year for your trending looks. Here are just some of the reasons that using a vintage wholesale company is the place to look for your looks in 2024.

Several racks of vintage clothing show the choice available.
There’s so much to choose from with wholesale vintage clothing retailers.

Great Vintage Stock

The team at a good vintage wholesale company will source their stock from sellers in mainland Europe and the United States to offer their customers the best grade A products. If you’re unhappy with your items, you can often contact customer service to return it and get your money back.

Online Orders

You can choose to browse items by categories online to get a feel for the stock available in 2024. When you find what you want, you can add it to your cart, place an order online, and receive quick postal service.

This year we highly recommend you use a vintage wholesaler to stay with world fashion trends.

Visit the Wholesale Vintage Clothing Warehouse

If you want to visit a store in person, most sellers will offer customers the option to book an appointment to browse their stock. Because a wholesale company gets its stock from sellers abroad, you never know what rare and quality garments might be sold in its warehouse.

Customers could also save a lot of money on statement pieces that you would not find elsewhere. In fact, the price list for kilo bundles is usually set, or will even go on sale; meaning potentially massive savings on grade A vintage finds.

Sustainable Fashion

Wholesale vintage clothing is a key part in the mission to eliminate fast fashion and promote sustainability. By purchasing old stock of clothes, you’re eliminating the need to buy new clothes. The fashion industry contributes 10% of all carbon emissions, so any order of vintage clothes helps reduce the problem.

Finally, if you decide you don’t want an item of clothing any longer, you can sell it back to a vintage wholesaler or sell it direct for some extra cash.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed everything we covered in our fashion forecast for the year ahead. There’s a lot to look forward to and lots of clothes to add to your cart!

We think vintage retailers are the source for all your 2024 outfits. Clothes are sold at bargain prices, grade A quality, and help create Instagram-worthy looks. Customers can shop in all categories, find top brands like Adidas, Nike and North Face, all from some of the biggest secondhand clothing factories in the world.

Get in touch with a warehouse team to book a viewing, and find some great items for 2024.