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Your Beauty Review Ltd Introduces the Most Innovative Beauty Platform in the UK

Your Beauty Review Ltd, a leading beauty-oriented company in the UK, introduces its directory platform, designed to connect top-quality beauty salons with customers. The company promotes the best beauticians and salons to help people find the services they need. The platform focuses on delivering real-time feedback from customers visiting the salons included in the Your Beauty Review directory.

About Your Beauty Review

Your Beauty Review Ltd is a UK-based company, which has designed a high-performance online beauty directory, listing the best salons in the UK including Bridgend, Bristol, Cardiff, Carmarthen, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Shropshire, Somerset, and Swansea. Based on extensive research and real feedback from customers, beauty salons are rated and voted according to the quality of services provided. The platform works across 6 verticals including “Hair Stylists,” “Beauty,” “Makeup,” “Lashes and Brows,” “Nails,” and “Aesthetics.” It’s an exclusive and fully-integrated solution, which eliminates the gap between the best salons in the UK and customers looking for high-end beauty services.

Why Use Your Beauty Review?

Your Beauty Review provides a variety of essential features, which keep top beauty brands connected to clients. The company offers brand and product listings, high-resolution images, and an appointment scheduling form. The services are provided across 6 verticals including “Hair Stylists,” “Beauty,” “Makeup,” “Lashes and Brows,” “Nails,” and “Aesthetics.” The verticals include 36 sub-sections with specific beauty and hair care services.

Users can search for the best salon via the drop-down menu on the left side of the screen. The filter allows customers to choose the service they require. The platform covers 9 locations in the UK such as Bridgend, Bristol, Cardiff, Carmarthen, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Shropshire, Somerset, and Swansea.

“The beauty industry is continuously evolving and growing. And we’re constantly thinking about how we can overcome and outperform major players in the sector. The Your Beauty Review platform is our fully-integrated solution, which bridges the gap between the best beauty salons available in the regions we cover in the UK and potential clients. Connecting beauty salons and professionals with people in our area of expertise. Along with representing an essential resource for the major players in the industry, our platform promotes high-quality standards and exceptional services,” said the CEO of Your Beauty Review.

Professional Services Guaranteed

Your Beauty Review selects the top beauty salons, which ensure exquisite services. Customers can select the service they need, and the platform will deliver a list of corresponding salons. After the client chooses the right salon, the platform redirects the client to the dedicated page showing details about the beauty shop. The page includes relevant information about the location such as a short description, contact details, and the price list. The client can make an appointment using the form provided by Your Beauty Review.

Increased Convenience and Customisation

The platform overcomes the challenges faced by clients looking for specific beauty services and products. Depending on requirements and preferences, clients can choose the best salon in their area and check the price of the services provided. Thanks to the rigorous research and customization performed by Your Beauty Review’s team, only top-tier salons are promoted by the platform. Clients can rest assured that the platform delivers trustworthy and real information about the quality of services provided by the salons.

For strong credibility, Your Beauty Review’s team encourages clients to vote the salons they’ve visited for beauty services. This way, the platform ensures that all ratings are based on real-life experiences.

For Retailers

Retailers are invited to list their businesses using the “List Your Business” option available online. Businesses must provide a description of the services they provide, contact info, a list of services, relevant documents, and images. The platform charges a standard monthly fee to promote and advertise the listed beauty salons and beauticians. Businesses enjoy the top-quality promotion, advertising, and exposure through the Your Beauty Review platform.

Advertising Options

Retailers enjoy two forms of advertising at Your Beauty Review. Beauty salons can either choose the “Standard Beauty Listing” or the “Featured Business Listing.” The standard listing comprises a monthly fee per salon, with no obligation. The featured listing involves local and national featured listings.

Speaking about the Your Beauty Review platform, the brand manager explains: “We turn to the major beauty salons and beauticians to provide our clients with the best possible options available on the market. We provide straightforward and usable resources to support the different salons in the regions we cover in the UK. Customers are invited to vote the services of the salons they’ve visited to reinforce our selection and provide raw feedback about the salons.”

The manager continued: “Customers will find a variety of beauty salons in the regions we’ve selected but not all of them deliver top-quality and reliable services. Beauty is a niche market and requires in-depth research. If you want a professional beautician or hairstylist, you can rely on Your Beauty Review to deliver the best of the best. Our platform is customizable and meets all your needs in terms of beauty.”