Everything You Need to Know About Bespoke Kitchens

Are you tired of altering your kitchen design? You should consider a bespoke kitchen as it is designed according to your specifications and incorporates your desired designs. Its presence grants you the pleasure and satisfaction of using it as you engage in your kitchen activities. 

Bespoke kitchens are custom designed to meet the standards and preferences of the user and are different from the standard kitchens as they incorporate the needs of the user. To get the most appropriate and preferred design, you need to undergo research to understand the available designs. The knowledge helps create and decide the improvements in the available designs to achieve the preferred outcome.

Some aspects to consider in your bespoke kitchen design includes the colour, style, appliances, and materials used. You can get ideas from Pinterest, magazines, and home and furniture showrooms. With this knowledge and exposure, you can start planning your ideal kitchen with a kitchen designer.

Cost of Bespoke Kitchen

As you plan your custom made kitchen, you should consider its overall cost. Bespoke kitchens have different prices depending on the designs, materials, and time that they take. You should break down these costs based on the amount you wish to spend and should further consult with your designer to help in the decision making process on the materials time and labour costs associated with the bespoke kitchen. Kitchen designers have experience and can offer the best recommendation for your bespoke kitchen. Eventually, you will get the desired outcome and value for your money.

Choice of a Bespoke Kitchen Provider

Before settling on a service provider, you should perform company background checks based on customer reviews. Ensure you gather information from their websites to understand the type of services the companies in question offer and whether they will meet your specifications. Also, you need to do some comparisons on the outcomes of their works and seek reviews from friends and relatives with custom made kitchens. In the end, your decision will be informed and you will be sure to get satisfaction from the resulting bespoke kitchen.

Most importantly, you should give priority to the most established companies, such as CharlesJames Development who offer bespoke kitchens in Cardiff. With this, you can be assured of quality due to their experiences and services. In this case, they may have handled similar designs from a range of customers in the past. The designers can offer a range of advice based on the challenges and improvements they have encountered previously.

The extent of Your Contribution to Your Kitchen Design

The choice of the right company will directly affect your contributions to your desired designs. During your contribution, embrace clarity on your kitchen ideas to give the designer the ground to develop your ideas into reality. You should be flexible with the designers’ suggestions for the improvement of your bespoke kitchen. Do not hesitate to ask questions where the need arises to ensure that your ideas are properly implemented. As you explain to your designer, ensure to clarify on the dos and don’ts in your bespoke kitchen. You should be informed of any alteration of the design so that you can approve these changes depending on your specifications.




Timeframe for Completion of Your Bespoke Kitchen

The outcome of your bespoke kitchen relies on the available time and resources. If it is rushed, mistakes are bound to occur and this will lead to dissatisfaction on the final outcome. Additionally, the extent of research and planning determines the quality of the bespoke kitchen developed. Extensive research and planning are necessary in the development of the kitchen. This requires enough time for the gradual development and improvement of ideas.

You should ensure to take your time in research and planning to get the most appropriate design that will need minimal or no alterations in the long-run. Be sure to give the designer enough time to understand and develop the bespoke kitchen to meet your specification. You should not put pressure on the company in question as this will hinder the smooth running of the bespoke kitchen development process.

Design Tips

Many kitchen designers recommend you choose the worktop colour first before choosing the paint colour. When visiting kitchen showroom, take samples home so that you can view them in the light of your kitchen, try and hold the sample where it will actually be.

Consider the cabinet paint colour to be unique, painted cabinets are popular because of their versatility, they can be adapted to suit any style

If you have a large kitchen, it is recommended to group the sink, crockery and cutlery all in one area. The fridge, cooking hob and oven ideally should be located near the prep area.

Have built-in high-quality appliances and make sure worktops are kept clear for food prep. If you have an extra such as a wine fridge decide where you would like these placed.