Publishers Are Urged To Give The Public High-Quality News


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How can trust in online content be improved? 

The news should be at a good quality standard as well as being truthful and insightful. However, this has not been the case in recent days. Fake news has been mentioned all over the media recently regarding a number of stories including the involvement with Google and Facebook. 99% of content on Google and Facebook conclude of fake news. Ordinary people depend on a multitude of media forms to find out their local and international news, these platforms consist of Online, TV, Radio and Print. With them relying heavily on these publications the publishers should have the duty to publish high-quality content.

To improve trust online for news articles they should go through a regulator to check that the articles are good, correct and up to date. The code of conduct that governs the news industry should be able to sanction any news publishers that put up fake news.  By integrating this code of conduct it will help prevent fake news appearing on huge platforms such as Google and Facebook. By also supporting local news publications will ensure quality news.

Going forward all the publications access to ad revenue has to be monitored to ensure the public get the right information. The broadcasting regulator ‘Ofcom’ was to oversee BBC News to ensure it does not publish fake news. Small news stations are also following those procedures which are huge steps in the right direction. The reductions of online advertisement by Google and Facebook will reduce fake news dramatically and will also deter future scenarios like this one.

There were so many suggestions that would reduce fake news in all public publishers. Some were going to be enacted immediately and others will take time as they are getting looked into by government specialists. The fake news has caught so many people’s attention and the experts have been working on a solution so that the ordinary citizen will receive quality, factual news that actually have truth in it.

The news publishers are urged to give the public high-quality news as it ensures a healthy democracy. The above conducts were enabled to ensure that high-quality journalism continues to thrive and all the news media corrects their wrongdoing so that the public continues to trust the news that they are getting updated by.


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