10 Ways you can save on removal costs when moving home

There is no denying the fact that moving is a costly affair but there are ways to trim the cost. Saving is all about reducing the cost incurred during movement by considering certain aspects of your home move. Moving to a new home doesn’t have to break your bank. So, here is a list of ways to keep costs down when moving home.

1. Consider the removal company costs

Price comparison is key here. The removal companies are competing; therefore, you will find suitable offers in the market. Get quotes for various removal companies and choose the one offering the best value How you can save on removal costs when moving home.

2. Hiring a one-way van

Hiring a van to transport your belongings is cheaper than hiring a removal firm. You will be able to do the entire move yourself hence you will avoid incurring the packing charges. Making use of one way van hire also saves you having to return the van to the same location, which if moving larger distances will save a lot of time and money.

3. Have a pre-move declutter

Declutter is an absolute must in order to cut the moving cost. This is because the removal firms usually conduct a home survey to assess your requirements. Get rid of anything that you no longer need and keep only the essential things. This is because the final cost will depend on the number of things you are moving.

4. Early booking.

Booking in advance will help you avoid costly mishaps. You will have enough time to plan your move thoroughly thus reducing the risk of unexpected costs. Discounts are usually given to clients who book early thus saving on the cost.

5. Make your booking during offseason

The removal firms are known to be expensive during the peak season. During the offseason, the removal companies will be less busy and may be open to giving offers such as discounts to secure your custom. Scheduling your movement on midweek and off season will help you make more savings.

6. Do the packing yourself

Removal companies offer additional services such as packing and offloading. These services will add to the removal costs. You can do it yourself or recruit friends and family members. This will help to keep the moving costs done. However, you should also consider the services of these firms as they are lifesavers and professionals.

7. Use free boxes and pack smart.

Make use of all second hand and free packing boxes because if you opt for packing services you will have to pay for the packing materials. You can also get cheaper packing materials from your local supermarket and warehouses or from someone who has moved recently in your area. Anything that can hold items should be used and try to use what you have in padding.

8. Notify change of address.

Change your address as early as possible. Update your contacts with your new address instead of paying money for postal redirection. You can also save money on the energy bill by not sticking with your previous supplier. Shop around. Make sure you settle any bills before movement to avoid any fines.

9. Negotiate fees.

You should be precious about your money and negotiate for opportunities to save. Negotiate a discount with your removal firm. Ask for offers as much as possible to enhance your savings.

10. Plan your move adequately.

Impeccable planning will help you to avoid mistakes during movement. Drawing up a moving checklist will ensure that everything is packed and ready. This will minimise the risk of having to pay prices to get tasks done or completed at the last minute. Proper organisation will help you avoid delays during movement thus costly mistakes are reduced.

Moving should not be expensive. The above are tips that will enable you to save your coins. It is important to do them as many removal firms are expensive and thus you need to plan before the actual date. Also, you are advised to look for a removal firm that is reliable and affordable. There are quite a number and looking for the one that is around your area will enable you to cut down on cost. Moving is expensive and should be done on a budget in order to save money.