GRP flat roofing market set to hit £300 to £400 million in 2019


GRP, short for glass reinforced polyester or plastic, also known as fibreglass or glass fibre is a blend of polyester resin and glass fibre fragments. As a composite, GRP has many applications centring on both surface and structural protection, meeting consumer demand as a highly durable waterproofing membrane.

GRP itself is expected to maintain a strong position in the flat roofing market. Approximately 36 million square meters is projected to be installed in 2019 according to Barbour Product Research. This estimate covers both new roofing installations, repairs and re-roofing applications and would place the flat roofing market to be between £1 – 2 billion for 2019. Whilst a precise estimate of the GRP flat roofing market share in the UK is difficult to determine given the wide range of installers and suppliers, Strandek Flat Roofing estimate it to be somewhere between 15 – 20 %. This figure is highly dependent on the sector, with GRP being favoured over single ply in the domestic market, yet single ply being the system of choice for commercial markets. However, these figures would place the GRP flat roofing market value to be around £300 – 400 million for 2019.

Future growth is projected to come from the domestic markets from two main areas: new installations supporting the growing U.K. property market typically for garages and extensions as well as the refurbishment, replacement and repair of existing flat roofing systems approaching the end of their lifetime.

Whilst new products enter the waterproofing market, like polyurethane resins, GRP provides an excellent balance between long-term performance and competitive pricing.