Channing Tatum Was Dared to Bare All

Jessie J, an English songwriter and singer, can’t get enough of the American actor and singer Channing Matthew Tatum and wants everyone to know.

Jessie J (real name Jessica Ellen Cornish), was very flustered after the actor stripped naked on Instagram. The 39-year-old Hollywood star posted a revealing photo with only his two hands covering the actor’s modesty after losing the game of physical skill ‘Jenga’ to the 31-year-old British singer.

Tatum wrote on his Instagram using her real name, saying that Jessica Cornish beat him in a game of Jenga and the agreement was that the loser will post a photo that the winner would choose. He added that he will never play the game again.

The singer made clear of her appreciation for the Instagram post, telling the Magic Mike star that sharing is caring, and added heart-eyes emoji and fire emoji. This post earned Cornish huge support online with many praising her as the ‘people’s hero’, and one user stating that somebody’s smart.

This is not the first time that the two have declared that they love each other publicly. Early this year, the singer left Tatum without words when she took her turn posing naked in the shower. Channing, who often leaves adoring messages on Jessie’s Instagram posts, admitted that the picture had left him totally baffled as he told his followers that he did not have the words to express how much he adored the image.

Mexico Getaway

In March this year, the couple proved that their relationship is becoming stronger every day by enjoying a Mexico getaway together. The singer teased photos from their luxurious trip in some videos as the two tried synchronised swimming for the first time together with their friends and Everly (Tatum’s daughter).

Jessie and Tatum were first rumoured to be in a relationship in October 2018, which surprised many people. In November, during Jessie’s concert held at one of the most treasured and distinctive buildings in the UK (The Royal Albert Hall), Tatum put in an enthusiastic appearance.

Since then, the two have been mentioning each other from time to time each on social media. For instance, on Jessie J’s birthday in March, Tatum wrote that the singer has blessed our hearts, ears, eyes and lives. He continued by thanking her for being who she is. He added that J is very special.

Tatum Previous Marriage

Tatum was previously married to the American actress and dancer Jenna Lee Dewan. The two have a daughter who is now five years old. In April 2018, Tatum and Dewan announced their separation after almost 9 years of marriage. This was 6 months before the actor linked with Jessie.

Tatum and Dewan released a statement saying that they have lovingly decided to split as a couple. They fell in love many years ago and had a magical journey while married. Nothing has changed how they feel for each other, but love is an adventure that has taken them on different paths.