How To Clean Vinyl Floor

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice in many homes, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl Flooring from Nova Flooring is incredibly durable and easy to keep clean.

However, to keep your vinyl floor looking at its best, you need to do more than give it a quick mop and a sweep, at least once in a while. The team at The Flooring Studio recommends cleaning vinyl flooring three-four times at least to have it looking its best.

We’ve put together this simple guide that guarantees to have your floor sparkling.


Get Tough With Those Scuffs

Vinyl floors may be tough, but they are prone to getting scuffed, and it’s important to remove these to keep your floor looking good. Start off by either sweeping up any debris or hoovering the floor, as long as your vacuum cleaner has got a setting that’s safe for hard floors, so it won’t get scratched. After this, look over your floor and see if there are any scuff marks. If there are, they can easily be removed with a microfibre cloth and a dab of water. Rubbing them with the damp cloth will see your floor scuff-free in no time.


Banish Any Stains

If there are any stains on your floor, they should be relatively easy to eliminate. The best thing to use is a mixture of baking soda and water. Mix them up into a paste, put some on a cloth, and rub until the stains disappear. If it’s a particularly stubborn stain, then you can use some diluted bleach, but not too much as it might affect the colour of your flooring. If you’ve got something like paint on the floor, then it should just scrape off, but go gently or you risk damaging the floor. A putty knife is great for this job, but never use something abrasive, like a scourer.


The Final Clean

Once you’ve gone through these steps, simply go over the whole floor with a microfibre mop. You can get plenty of floor cleaners to use with this, but make sure they are suitable for vinyl floors, as you don’t want to damage it. If you want something more natural, then mixing some vinegar with hot water will do the trick, and get your floor sparkling. It’s a good idea to dry your floor after you’ve done this, and don’t use too much water on the floor by making sure you wring the mop out regularly. Leaving too much water on the surface may leave your floor warped.


Looking After Your Vinyl

Even though your floor will be very hard-wearing, there are some things you can do to help keep it in good shape. When moving furniture, lift it fully off the ground to move it, and don’t be tempted to just drag it across. Doing so could leave permanent marks or scratches. If you have furniture on it that is often moved, like dining chairs, put some foam pads on the legs to protect the floor from scratches. Also, if someone comes into your house with high heels on, politely ask them to remove then before walking on your floor. The heel could easily damage the vinyl, leaving little dents everywhere.

Your vinyl floor should be looking like new by now. Make sure you sweep or vacuum it once a day, to keep on top of the dirt. You should only need to deep clean it once a week to keep it looking at its best, but make sure you clean up any spills or stains as soon as possible. Following these steps will see your floor last a lifetime.